Worst Car Carnage Accidents During Transport

Sep 28, 2021 4 min read
Worst Car Carnage Accidents During Transport

These will make you think twice, or three, or four times, before letting just anyone transport your beloved car!

A recent story about a flawless Mustang Mach 1 being destroyed during a car hauler accident had us wondering how many other dream cars have met a similar fate - the answer is not pretty! While some of the stories are still fresh on our mind from previous Motorious coverage, come to find out, collectible cars are often victims of transporting accidents. Here are some of the worst accidents that occurred during transportation.

Competition Cars Spotted On Fire In New Mexico

Image Via ABC7

This story has a major twist that comes with it! Not only were a few really cool cars burnt to a crisp, a reader of a local ABC news site recognized these cars as ones involved in a race car building series. At least four of the cars involved were on their way to South Georgia to race for a filmed online series, but a fire stopped this leg of the trip in New Mexico.

Brand New Corvettes Damaged By Semi Collision

Image via Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

When these 2017 Corvettes were still brand new, they had an unfortunate encounter on the interstate with a semi. This accident drudges up feelings of road rage when you see two semis playing turtle racing to pass each other, slowly, on interstates and highways while taking up two lanes. Still, the Corvettes did nothing wrong here, and this is a hard one to look at.

Train Hits Car Carrier Loaded With Classic Porsches

Image Via Pelican Parts

These vintage Porsches were not match against a locomotive in Dillenberg Germany. It's said that the truck driver was trying to free the stuck transport trailer full of cars from the train tracks, when the clock ran out. The trailer was ripped in half.

Runaway Chevelle Ghost Drives Into Unsuspecting Motorist

An unmanned Chevy Chevelle being hauled on a flatbed trailer rolled off and into traffic. Better yet, a dash cam caught the end of this accident, but it makes us scratch our heads more as to how this happened!

Two-fer GT500 Wreck

Image via Detroit Local 4 Fox news

Not one, but two brand new 2020 Mustang GT500s were smashed up when this hauled flipped over outside of Detroit. The Ford Super Duty truck hauling the three car trailer managed to remain upright, while the 'Stangs and trailer ended up on their side.

Dream Car Haul Turns Into A Nightmare

This crash can only be captured in a video, as one photo couldn't present all there is to be taken in. When this transporter wrecked, it took a series of exotic and muscle cars with it - there's sure to be a dream car for everyone on its roof or side.

Mach 1 Taken Out On The Home Stretch

Image Via David James

This newly purchased Mach 1 was miles away from its new owner in Dawsonville, GA when it was demolished. The photos from the accident painted a bizarre story, with no official statement being made (yet, it just happened) about the cause of the accident. All we know if the buyer arranged the transportation, and the Mach 1 was a car anyone would have wanted in their garage.

Camaro Pace Car Down!

Image Via BangShift.com

The original thread on this accident has long since been taken down, so we'll have to just take BangShift.com's word on this one. According to the post, the car in this picture is a 1969 Camaro Pace Car that the man had just purchased. This doesn't exactly look like a professional outfit, and we don't have many details, so we'll leave the cause of this accident up to your wild speculation in the comments.

Prized Charger Turned Into Parts Car

Image Via DodgeCharger.com Forum

Newley purchased, this classic Dodge Charger was in an enclosed, single car trailer when a semi truck hit the trailer. This factory FM3 Charger 500 ended up getting no protection from the aluminum sided trailer, but hopefully there was enough to salvage to make this Charger whole again.

Honorable Mention: Man Spots His Own Car Online In Wreck Photo

Image Via Ryan Hallett

Luigi Capilupi was waiting for the delivery of his 1977 Corvette, when the day it was supposed to arrive came with a different type of surprise. His son, Antonio, caught wind of a car hauler wreck in New Jersey, and was able to confirm the story, and the blue 'Vette was identified in a photo accompanying a news article. While the Corvette itself made it through virtually unscathed, the story was just too bizarre to leave out of this article.

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