Hellcat-Powered Mazda RX-7

Jun 25, 2024 2 min read
Hellcat-Powered Mazda RX-7

A Unique Blend of Japanese and American Muscle.

Since Dodge unleashed the Hellcat's supercharged V8 upon the world, enthusiasts have been eagerly swapping it into a variety of vehicles. Most of these projects involve other Mopar muscle cars, though a few non-Chrysler vehicles like the Buick Grand National have also received the Hellcat treatment. However, this might be the first instance of a Hellcat engine being dropped into an FD Mazda RX-7.

What's even more shocking to some is that this RX-7 didn't blow its rotary engine before the swap. Rowdy’s Garage, the masterminds behind this build, decided to repurpose the Mazda's rotary engine for a BMW M4 drag racer. Essentially, these builders are like mad scientists, combining parts from different automotive species to create bizarre hybrids. We can probably thank "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift" for inspiring such an unconventional mix of American muscle and Japanese tuner culture.

This isn’t the first time we've seen strange engine swaps. There’s been a first-gen Ford Mustang with a Ferrari engine, among other odd combinations. These projects usually provoke mixed reactions, offending purists but fascinating those who appreciate the ingenuity and audacity involved.

What makes this Hellcat RX-7 even more controversial is that it started as a pristine, low-mileage car with only one previous owner. This fact is likely to upset Mazda enthusiasts, as it feels akin to desecrating a sacred automotive icon. On the other hand, Mopar fans might be more forgiving, given that it's their beloved engine doing the shocking.

Fitting a Hellcat V8 into a car originally designed for a compact rotary engine is no small feat. Rowdy’s Garage has already managed to get the massive engine into the RX-7's bay, though the car isn’t quite ready to roar to life or hit the road just yet. When it does, we're eagerly anticipating just how colossal the burnouts will be.

This unique build stands as a testament to the limitless creativity and daring of car enthusiasts. It’s a wild fusion of Japanese finesse and American brute force, promising a driving experience that’s bound to be as exhilarating as it is unconventional.

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