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Lightly Modded 1981 Chevrolet K-10 Is Riding High

A six-inch lift looks great on this square-body Chevy. GM's square-body pickups have been increasingly popular among collectors ranging anywhere from an all-original survivor to a fully modified truck, and this 1981 Chevrolet K-10 sits somewhere in the middle. For the most part, this truck is ju...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 18, 2019

Smoke Everyone With A 1970 Dodge Super Bee

This American muscle car is truly special. While the name and even the badging on this 1970 Dodge Super Bee might seem comical, there’s not much to laugh about, unless you’re thinking about leaving the competition in the dust. This is a serious American muscle car that’s become quite collectibl...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

Scoop A 1958 King Midget Model III

This is a true American micro car. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this 1958 King Midget Model III on a future episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld himself behind the wheel. It’s small, quirky, and has plenty of amazing details to hold your interest. This is a specia...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

Ultra-Rare Restored 1971 Plymouth Hemi GTX Sold For $253K At M...

This rare classic gem was the highest-selling car out of 1,000 listings ranging from exotics to hot rods. One classic muscle car stole the show at the four-day Mecum Auction in Dallas, Texas. That car was this rare 1971 Plymouth Hemi GTX that sold for a staggering $253,000, the highest selling c...
By Amie Williams Sep 18, 2019

For Under $58K, Can This 1974 Dodge Challenger Drive You Plum ...

No stone was left unturned with a full nut-and-bolt frame-off restoration. Introduced near the end of the muscle car era, the 1974 model marked the last year of the first-generation Dodge Challenger. Sadly, sales steadily declined, and production was halted mid-year. Today, a 1974 Dodge Challeng...
By Amie Williams Sep 18, 2019

The Watson Collection Nets $3.2M, 1970 Hemi 'Cuda Top Seller

This online-only auction drew in bidders from across the U.S. and from around the world. Auction Assets Group recently wrapped up its internet-only auction for The Watson Collection, and this auction of rare cars did not disappoint. The auction ran from August 28th through September 11th, and wh...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 18, 2019

Set The Pace In This 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible

One of 100 pace car replicas built by Ford for the '66 Indy 500. The Indianapolis 500 is over 100 years old, which means more than 100 cars have had the honor of pacing this historical race. In 1966, that honor went to the Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible marking the last of three pace car appeara...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 18, 2019

Roll Through In A Highly Customized 1966 Ford F100

The amount of impressive work done on this Ford truck is staggering. With over 1,000 hours of fabrication work performed on this 1966 Ford F100, plus a number of other upgrades, this truck is uniquely amazing. While it rides high on a 6-inch suspension lift and 2-inch body lift, this pickup com...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

At Under $20K, Would You Buy This 1970 Opel GT?

It’s a German sports car from the 1970s, after all. Opel might be one of the most forgotten modern German automakers, at least when it comes to American collectors. Previously owned by General Motors, the brand has put out some pretty impressive cars which have been ignored on this side of the ...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

Take Down The Poster And Buy This 1990 Ferrari Testarossa

Here's your chance to buy every teenage car enthusiast's dream. If you grew up in the '80s or '90s and you're reading this, then there's a solid chance that you had a poster of a Ferrari Testarossa taped or thumbtacked to your bedroom wall. Thanks to the upcoming Hoosier Classic auction from Ear...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 18, 2019

Grab A 1950 Crosley Station Wagon For Just Over $10K

This is essentially the original micro machine. Many people have essentially forgotten American automaker Crosley, which has some surprising similarities with Subaru. As is evidenced with this 1950 Crosley Station Wagon, the design of the brand’s vehicles was a little different, something many ...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

Buy A Blue 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe

This will let you cruise in style. Pontiac really jumped ahead of the competition in the late 1950s when it came to dramatic styling, as evidenced by this big, beautiful, blue 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe. Already, Pontiac had restyled its lineup for 1958, so when the 1959 models put on...
By Steven Symes Sep 18, 2019

For $87K, This Classy 1961 Jaguar XK150 Is Ready To Prowl

A car full of class and sass. With elegant body lines paired with strong performance, the 1961 Jaguar XK150 is a classic gem that demands utmost respect. DriverSource Fine Motorcars is proud to offer the opportunity to own this fine example for yourself. Listed at $87,500, this beauty is ready t...
By Amie Williams Sep 18, 2019
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For $87K, This Classy 1961 Jaguar XK150 Is Ready To Prowl

A car full of class and sass. With elegant body lines paired with strong performance, the 1961 Jaguar XK150 is a classic gem that demands utmost respect. DriverSource Fine Motorcars is proud to offer the opportunity to own this fine example for yourself. Listed at $87,500, this beauty is ready t...
By Amie Williams Sep 18, 2019

Picture Yourself Cruising In A 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Take it slow or open up that throttle for some thrills. It was in 1964 that Pontiac launched the wildly popular GTO. Recognized by many as the first American muscle car, it put affordable power in the hands of enthusiasts. The formula of taking an affordable midsize car and dropping in a big mo...
By Steven Symes Sep 17, 2019

1965 Pontiac GTO: American Icon For Sale In Canada

The 1965 Pontiac GTO represents a refresh in the first generation of the gorgeous Pontiacs. With GMs ban on factory sponsored racing in 1963, Pontiac began placing an emphasis on street performance. The division's new advertising and marketing approach lead to the creation of what some consider...
By Elizabeth Puckett Sep 16, 2019

Buy An Award-Winning 1958 Chevy Corvette Fuelie

It was owned by a celebrity, too. Easily one of the most impressive C1 Corvettes around, this 1958 Chevrolet Corvette boasts plenty of amazing credentials, an interesting history, plus a presentation that’s nothing short of immaculate. It’s also for sale through C&N Motor Cars LLC, so if yo...
By Steven Symes Sep 16, 2019

This Ultra-Rare 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Can Be Yours For $789K

Just 599 total cars were produced with a mere 125 created for the United States market. C&N Motorsports is offering the perfect opportunity to own an ultra-rare dream car - this 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Coupe. Speaking of rare, only 599 GTOs were produced in total, but just 125 of those were mad...
By Amie Williams Sep 16, 2019

Giallo Fly 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Is One Fine Ferrari

One of the most exquisite Ferraris of all time! Of all the memorable Ferraris – both road cars and racecars – the 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 is one of the finest examples of the performance, luxury and style that a Ferrari could offer. These cars to pop up for sale that often, so this gorgeous 365 G...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 13, 2019

This 1968 Chevy Corvette Is The Earliest C3 Known To Exist

This beautifully restored C3 proudly boasts VIN# 00002 For the 1968 model year, the Chevrolet Corvette was completely redesigned to start the third generation widely known as the C3. MBP Motorcars is here to offer you the very first C3 known to ever exist - this 1968 Chevrolet Corvette. That's r...
By Amie Williams Sep 13, 2019

2006 Ford GT Is A Legend Reborn

This car is a museum piece with just 156 miles on the odometer. Among modern collector cars, the first-generation Ford GT (2005-06) is one of the most solid returns on investment out there right now. Practically any price you pay for one of these cars will appreciate in coming years, which makes...
By Jeffrey N. Ross Sep 13, 2019
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