Search Continues: Thieves Steal Dead Man’s Classic Cars

Sep 28, 2021 2 min read
Search Continues: Thieves Steal Dead Man’s Classic Cars

Criminals really have no shame…

A woman in Cabot, Arkansas is once again mourning as her late father’s 1977 Chevrolet Corvette and 1978 Mustang were stolen. Both classic cars were fully restored by the man who raised her, making them a physical connection to him. Now they’re both gone and Vicky Smith wants nothing more than for their safe return.

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The red C3 Corvette and blue Mustang were both sitting her Smith’s father’s driveway when they were stolen sometime on May 28. Smith had been at the house cleaning and organizing things that day, but when she returned on May 29 to continue the work, both cars had vanished.

Unfortunately, there’s no surveillance footage of the crime. Smith’s father had cameras up, but the internet at the house was switched off, so no video is available. The fact the thieves still boosted both vehicles with cameras up, which easily could have been recording their every move, shows how brazen they were about the crime.

image credit: YouTube

Police in Cabot are investigating the theft, but so far there are no notable developments. Smith has been doing her own poking around at car shops and other places, but so far she hasn’t turned up any leads.

The plan was for the Corvette and Mustang to be left to Smith’s children. It was a “big deal” that had both boys excited. They worked on the cars with their grandfather. Neither car is particularly valuable on the market, but some people will steal just about anything that isn’t nailed down, even if they don’t get a small fortune for all the risk.

As Smith so aptly noted, the thieves only took the cars because they can get money for them. But for her, the cars have endless sentimental value. We sincerely hope she does get both vehicles back intact. If you know anything about these stolen vehicles, contact the Cabot police.

Source: THV11

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