Man Steals, Crashes Tinder Date’s Car

Sep 28, 2021 2 min read
Man Steals, Crashes Tinder Date’s Car

That’s incredibly not shocking, sadly…

We see some really weird car-related news every day, but this story of a British man meeting a woman from Tinder, then stealing her car, getting in a police chase, and finally crashing is one of the strangestwe’ve seen in some time. It’s like something out of a Dave Chappelle skit, proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

A Florida man took his date on a police chase. Read about it here.

According to Daily Echo, this bizarre chain of events touched off back on October 21, 2018. However, since Nathan Baptiste, 25, just appeared in court for his sentencing, the story is resurfacing. It all started when Baptiste was with a girl he met on Tinder, showing that you never know what kind of people you might dig up on there. Most of them catfish you, just like we did with the lead image on this story, so keep that in mind.

The man took the girl’s Ford Fiesta without her permission, something we Americans like to call auto theft, because he was “invited to meet someone at 1:30 am.” It doesn’t say, but we have to wonder if this “someone” was another woman on Tinder. Considering what he did next, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was.

Of course, the girl called police and gave them a description of her car. It wasn’t until 8 pm a camera spotted the vehicle on a freeway and officers began to follow in marked BMWs. When Baptiste took an offramp, the police cars turned on their lights and “performed a box maneuver” in an attempt to stop the little Ford.

With the Fiesta stopped, an officer got out and approached the hatchback, but Baptiste accelerated and hit a police car, then sped off. Apparently, the box maneuver wasn’t all that successful if it didn’t stop such a tiny, lightweight vehicle.

Baptiste made a run for it, going 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. Finally, his driving skills were outstripped and he crashed into a utility pole, totaling the Ford and injuring himself. Even then, he was “non-cooperative” with police.

Showing how tough they are on crime, the judge sentenced Baptiste to 4 months in prison, suspending that sentencing for 2 years. And people wonder why vehicle theft is so common these days.

The big takeaway here is don’t use Tinder or someone will steal your car and total it.

Source: Daily Echo

Photo credit: Pexels

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