Father Reunited With His Classic GTO

Jan 2, 2023 2 min read
Father Reunited With His Classic GTO

Son surprised his dad with a long lost vintage friend.

There is something so incredibly special about the relationship between a father and his son. On the outside it may seem confusing, bonding over things that most people don’t even understand, but when you look a little closer you can see how a young boy's father motivates him and instills a sense of passion within his boy that carries on through childhood into adulthood. That’s exactly what happened with this man, Austin, who wanted to thank his father for all that he’s done for their family by surprising him with the very same car that he parted with many decades ago just to make sure they had enough to put food on the table.

Our story starts with a beautiful 1968 Pontiac GTO finished in a dark metallic green, and instantly recognizable car to say the least. For most of Austin‘s life, his dad‘s car was a staple of the family unit as his father built the car and cherished every moment he had with it. Eventually, it came time to part ways with the automobile because they had recently had their fifth child and we’re starting to feel the negative side effects that come with restricted finances. Even though his wife, Austin’s mother, Pushed him not to sell the vehicle, likely understanding how much he cared for the car, he did what he had to do and in the process allowed his family some extra comfort at his own expense.

Over the years, his father brought up the old muscle car any chance he got, watching videos of him talking about the GTO feels almost like a yapping dog is excited to see their owner again. So the son decided he’d go out and search for the vehicle and, after a lot of searching and over two years of hard work, he found it in Denmark. The story of how he eventually got the owner to sell him the car is sort of tragic as it involves a fatal car accident on the part of one of the vehicle's owners. However, once he had secured the GTO he brought it to his fathers house where he gave him a poem which alluded to the vehicle. At first his dad was confused until Austin started up the GTO and, without even seeing the car first, the father immediately jumped up and excited. With tears of joy in his eyes he hugged his son and thanked him as he re-embarked his long lost passion vehicle and took his wife of many years out for a drive just like the good old times.

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