This 2016 Mustang With 1967 Body Swap Is A Coyote In Sheep's Clothing

Sep 4, 2020 4 min read
This 2016 Mustang With 1967 Body Swap Is A Coyote In Sheep's Clothing

A Mustang mashup that combines classic styling with modern performance, comforts, and drivability.

When it comes to the Ford Mustang, it is hard to beat the new S550 platform when it comes to performance, especially if equipped with the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. In an effort to combine classic styling with that modern performance, the B is for Build team started out with a badly crashed 2016 Ford Mustang to use for as their base for an interesting swap. While this Mustang is in rough shape, the good news is that it runs and drives just fine. The B is for Build guys stripped and cut the modern car down to the chassis where they could swap over the 1967 Mustang body, a feat that was easier said than done. In this episode, the guys wrap up the body swap along with the headlights, roll cage, and interior.

As the guys were putting the car together, they noticed that premium screen in the S550 Mustang was broken from the accident it was involved in. Needed to work the heated and cooled seats along with other things, they ordered another from eBay so they could continue to bring this classic-bodied modern Mustang to life.

Oscar fabricated the the side skirts where he welded the tacks in, but he then sanded them down to give this Mustang a grunge-like feel. A piece off of a Subaru BRZ was modified to be the pony's new rear diffuser which would cover the large EVAP box . Since the wheels for the Mustang are incredibly wide, the an entire day was spent mocking up something to fill in the area for the side diffuser that wouldn't look gaudy and still make this pony feel like American muscle. Once that was completed, Oscar fabricated a small rear spoiler out of aluminum and then went on to create the fender flares. Also, they installed Bullitt-style mirrors for a nice touch of classic chrome.

When it came to the taillights, they wanted that classic Mustang look but to feature the LED elements including the sequential turn signals from the modern Mustang. To work properly, the guys had to rewire everything, and luck was on their side when they realized that each vertical strip of LED lights fits perfectly within the classic housing.

The cold air intake they ordered from eBay to fit the Coyote V8 engine was far from a stellar fit. Made from high-quality aluminum, Oscar cut the intake tube into several pieces then TIG-welded the parts back together for a perfect-fitting intake. He then sprayed it with a coat of paint before installing the piece on the car. More wiring was involved to equip the classic headlights with high beams, low beams, and daytime running lights.

Open the doors to reveal the interior of a 2016 Mustang. To keep safe in the event of a rollover accident, Oscar worked with different pieces of thick steel to box in the frame rail reinforcements so he could tie in a roll cage. Mostly as an appearance piece, he added a cross-brace bar. To keep road noise at bay inside the cabin, BQuiet provided the noise-canceling material.

After they finished swapping over the body along with fabricating and modifying parts to work, the modern classic was strapped down to the dyno. Basically a 2016 Coyote with a cold air intake and exhaust, this Mustang generated between 400 and 410-crank-horsepower which equals to be about 350-wheel-horsepower and some change.

That sums up the video of the B is for Build team completing the swap of a 1967 Mustang body with modern S550 performance, interior, and drivability. While there are still some little things to finish up, Oscar's apocalypse Mustang is mostly complete.

What do you think of this classic modern Mustang mashup?

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