Police Allegedly Allow Dodge Charger Hellcat Thieves To Get Away Twice

Sep 4, 2020 1 min read
Police Allegedly Allow Dodge Charger Hellcat Thieves To Get Away Twice

This would have us fuming…

Owning one of the most powerful production muscle cars ever made is a great feeling. What’s not so great is finding your beloved ride has been stolen. Even worse is learning the police allegedly allowed the criminals to get away with it twice. That’s the story a man named Victor told the local news in Harvey, Illinois.

His Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat was stolen outside his house, so he did what any law-abiding citizen would do: call the police. While waiting for someone to show up, Victor saw that his Ring security camera captured the theft, giving evidence that at least one of the men was carrying a gun.

When the responding officer arrived, Victor says he offered to provide the video as evidence, but the officer declined to even view it. Then detectives never followed up on the case.

The following day, Victor’s friend called to say he spotted some guys driving the Hellcat in Lansing. The friend called the local police but was informed the muscle car wasn’t reported as stolen, so the police could do nothing.

Victor claims there’s a rash of stolen Dodge SRTs in Harvey recently. We’ve seen the powerful muscle cars targeted by criminals in the past in other parts of the country, so it’s entirely possible. The question is, what are police doing about it?

According to the local news, 36 hours after the Dodge had been taken there was no record it was stolen. In fact, it reportedly took 3 days for the status of the car to be switched to stolen. When a local reporter reached out to the mayor of Harvey, Christopher Clark, it was revealed the problem had been with a police dispatcher no inputting information about the car theft into the system. Thanks to what Clark described as ongoing problems with the dispatch system, the mayor asked for Cook County Sheriff’s Department to run dispatch for the city, which it has.

Source: CBSN Chicago

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