Check Out This Historic Drag Race Car Collection

Jun 18, 2022 1 min read
Check Out This Historic Drag Race Car Collection

Soon to be retired builder shows off a respectable classic hot rod collection.

American car culture can essentially be summed up, in all of its glory, with just a couple of words, legendary speed. The long history of the American automotive manufacturers and their various violent vehicles will always be revered as some of the most powerful performance cars ever. This has led to a surplus of automotive enthusiasts collecting and protecting mass sums of these crazy classic cars. In this new age of revitalized modern muscle cars dominating both the streets and the drag strip, the vintage vehicles of yesteryear are still widely appreciated. This is probably best shown with this particular collection which aims to showcase some of America’s favorite hot rods.

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The first car in this incredible collection of fast fantastic automobiles is a 1966 Ford Falcon whose body was created entirely out of fiberglass. The owner also has a Ford ramp truck which is used to haul the race cars back and forth from the track. The interior of the shop is littered with various projects including a Mercury Colony station wagon which brings forth the image of the classic family carrier one day being revitalized to its original glory. This wagon is considered by the builder to be his retirement vehicle in which he plans to travel the country and live out the rest of his days from state to state doing what he loves.

Moving on into the faster side of the shop you will find a vintage Ford drag car in Opal Blue with a killer straight-six under the hood. Outside there is a Ford Fairlane which originally boasted a Y-code engine with 360 horsepower but was later upgraded to a 427ci V8 which put out around 600 proud ponies. Along with that, there are many other drag racing vehicles and modified production cars which all give a driver a feeling of raw unstoppable power.

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