Honkin Hemi vs Karolina Kuda Super Stock Drag Racing

Nov 30, 2022 1 min read
Honkin Hemi vs Karolina Kuda Super Stock Drag Racing

Will these old Mopars have what it takes to compete?

Mopar racers have been some of the most iconic sportsmen in all of drag racing history. Funded by the car companies themselves, the teams often had nearly no limit beyond their own creativity even being given the chance to roll the dice with a few hemi V8‘s. One vehicle that will forever be heralded within the sub genre of car culture as one of the most iconic competitors in the game is the Plymouth barracuda. Recently, two stunning examples of that automobile went head to head in a race between their respective impressive teams.

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On one side of the track we have the flamboyant Karolina Kuda in Orange and Brown. Opposing that beastly pinnacle of Mopar racing is a Red and White Barracuda with the moniker of Honkin Hemi on the side. Regardless of their odd spelling, these teams have accomplished a lot in the world of racing but now they want to see how they fare against one another. That’s exactly what they got to do as each car pulled up to the line and staged, ready to give a crazy show to anyone watching.

As the tooth took off it sounded like a gunshot ringing through the air with a violent snap of power following a clean hook and great on the part of both drivers. They say most drag races are one within the first 60 feet of the track. If that is to be believed then it seemed that Honkin Hemi was likely the vector of this battle. However the camera ended up cutting off before it showed the exact quarter-mile times so the only ones who know who really won are the people who are there. Unless any more information comes out about the race we’re just gonna have to speculate but either way both cars had a great run, sounded amazing, and put on a show. That’s what really matters.

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