Street Takeover Shuts Down New Jersey Turnpike

Aug 20, 2021 2 min read
Street Takeover Shuts Down New Jersey Turnpike

Again: these events aren’t put on by real enthusiasts…

We have yet another reminder of how horrible street takeovers are after some Camaro drivers shut down a section of the New Jersey Turnpike. The event was held on August 15, according to a Reddit user who posted video of the whole thing. Just how much this little stunt messed up traffic flow is uncertain, but we can imagine the backup of vehicles was pretty bad by the time these guys were done behaving like toddlers.

A woman at a street takeover in California brandished an AK-47 recently. Check it out here.

In the video, we see two red Chevrolet Camaros sitting on the road, the hazard lights on one blinking so everyone knows to just let them have their fun. Meanwhile, a silver convertible Camaro is roasting its rear tires in one of the most awkward burnouts/drifts we’ve seen in some time. As some of the tire smoke clears you can see the aluminum wing bolted onto the rear of the car, like the same ones Honda Civic owners believe adds 10-horsepower, and it’s a stark reminder that these street takeovers aren’t done by real car enthusiasts. We repeat, these guys aren’t gearheads, no matter what they try to tell everyone.

At the end of the video, when the guy in the convertible Camaro finally starts traveling down the road instead of shredding his tires pathetically, we see a Jeep and BMW with their hazards on as well, so we’re guessing they were also accomplices to this stunt.

Will anyone who participated in this street takeover face criminal charges? If not, they will likely do it again and they’ll inspire others to copy them. If you live in New Jersey, prepare to be held hostage on the Turnpike and elsewhere by these wanna-bes.

We know some people will automatically use this street shutdown to stereotype all Chevy Camaro owners. Frist off, we don’t know if these guys own the cars. It’s actually fairly common for street shutdown people to use stolen vehicles, which is why they treat them so roughly. These guys aren’t automotive enthusiasts, because real enthusiasts realize the destructive power of the vehicles they love so much and do what it takes to keep the machinery and everyone else out of harm’s way.

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