Guy Drives Hilariously Tiny Car

Aug 20, 2021 2 min read
Guy Drives Hilariously Tiny Car

What is going on here?

A bizarre video out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin of a guy driving a tiny car is one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while. The lady who recorded the video said she was “chilling in the parking lot” when she noticed the man with his toy car at the gas station across the street. Thinking quickly, she pulled out her phone and followed the guy, recording everything in the incorrect portrait orientation instead of landscape.

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Whatever this guy is driving, it’s gas-powered and not electric. However, in the video we don’t hear much sound like you’d get from a lawn mower, gas-powered bicycle, or anything else with a two-stroke engine, so we’re thinking he has a four-stroke in this thing. Just what exactly is “under the hood” or wherever it is under the plastic is a mystery we’d love to have solved.

Also, we’re not quite sure what this little toy car is. It’s definitely not a Power Wheels or at least is nothing like any we’ve ever seen. Where did he get this? Did he fabricate it or did someone else do it for him? If any of you have a clue, let us know.

Three’s an Illinois license plate on the back of the car. We’re not horribly familiar with the licensing laws in Illinois, but we seriously doubt the state allows you to license such a car for use on public roads. If a cop had pulled him over that would have been even more hilarious, especially if we got the bodycam footage of him explaining the car and license plate to the officer.

The fact the woman follows this guy for a few blocks probably freaked the guy out. Not only did he have someone in a huge vehicle following close behind while using a smartphone, which could be downright deadly, he had no idea if the woman might have had ill intentions toward him. Thankfully it was all just for some good internet fun.

Absolutely the best part of the video is the woman recording it while laughing and saying, “Look at this mess here!” Her joyous reaction to this guy’s interesting choice of transportation absolutely makes the video 10 times better and for that we thank her profusely. That, and at the very end a kid in a Power Wheels almost breaks his neck staring at the other toy car driving down the road, something his mother probably lectured him not to do.

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