Old School Versus Modern Showdown At The Track

Mar 20, 2024 2 min read
Old School Versus Modern Showdown At The Track

Will the raw power and vintage style be enough to beat today's most violent sports cars?

At the start of this video, we get a taste of what we might be able to expect with these races as the voice of the loudspeakers tells us a bit about the cars. In the right-hand lane, you can see a brightly colored yellow Nova with a sleek black C6 Corvette to its left. Clearly, neither of these vehicles is stock as they jump off the line with incredible aptitude. After a tough race where both cars were basically neck and neck the whole time, it's hard to tell who won because the camera was a little out of focus, but the right sign lit up first, so we'll call it a win for the Nova. This was a great race where both drivers did really well, but what about one where the win was taken by a slightly newer model?

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You'll need to scroll through the video until you see a bright red Dodge Viper staged next to a deep black Nova SS. At first, it looked like the Nova would win as it bounced off the line and took the lead of the whole operation. However, as snakes seem to always do, the Viper slithered up behind the Nova before its driver even knew what was going on before blowing its windows down and winning the race. In the end, the Viper finished the quarter-mile in just 9.22 seconds, with the Chevy landing in the low 10-second range. These cars were awe-inspiring, but there was a clear winner here, and it wasn't wearing a bowtie.

Dodge was a big brand for this event as you could see many Mopar vehicles, both old and new, testing their performance. One such bout was a 1970-ish Challenger whose owner wanted to take on a Dodge Demon. Once again, in the left lane, this Challenger looks like the one from The Vanishing Point during the Demon sports a black paint job and intimidating style. Soon the lights went from yellow to green, and in a display of what can only be described as sheer power, both pony cars ripped through a set of tires trying to beat the other in the first 60 feet. After that, the Demon took home the win with a 10.06-second quarter-mile compared to the Challenger's 11.66-second pass. If this video shows us anything, it doesn't matter what car you drive; it's about the work you put into it to get it to where you want it. The 1970 Challenger may have been the slowest vehicle I just talked about, but it's still about as fast as a stock hellcat, making it the perfect example of built-over-bought.

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