This might start a trend…

Officials in New Jersey are considering bringing back the light blue license plates used long ago. First introduced to the Garden State in 1979, the license plates haven’t been issued to anyone since 1991. However, new bills in front of the legislature seek to change that and people are excited about the possibility.

According to local reports, it would take at least 500 people applying for the throwback license plates to cover the cost of designing, making, and distributing them. We have a funny feeling that won’t be difficult to achieve once word spreads far enough. After all, just about anyone with a vintage car will want the look of a vintage license plate for authenticity’s sake.

photo credit:Twitter

To say there’s a healthy interest in vintage styling these days would be to make a huge understatement. While this has been a thing in the auto industry for some time, even fueling the surge in people collecting classic cars, it seems an increasing number of people want to feel a connection to the past.

For some, this surely is a function of reminiscing of days gone by. However, a good number of people interested in these vintage designs like the New Jersey plates weren’t alive when the original design was still in use. In other words, the youth of today seem to have an increasingly healthy respect for the past.

While some states already offer vintage-style license plates, like California’s famous black 1960s legacy plates, this would be a new thing for the Garden State. Only 3 major license plate design changes have been instituted in New Jersey since 1959, which is surprisingly stagnant.

Some who live in other states which also don’t have a throw-back license plate option hope New Jersey’s move would help bring about a change where they live.


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