Angry Neighbor Stops Car Parade For Kid’s Birthday

Jun 24, 2020 3 min read
Angry Neighbor Stops Car Parade For Kid’s Birthday

Some people just want to be controlling jerks.

We’ve seen and written about situations where neighbors have gone nuclear over the sounds a car makes. You might have experienced that kind of unbridled rage yourself or know someone who has. It seems to be a growing problem in this society where bored people expect cars to be silent. This scenario played out in Texas, only this time a woman was stopping a group of muscle cars and sports cars from cruising past a 10 year-old’s house to celebrate his birthday.

Image credit: YouTube

According to YouTube channel Cars Across Texas, people in the neighborhood for the most part “were loving it.” There was one person who wasn’t amused by the parade of rumbling V8s and she decided to step into the road to stop them from going any further.

If the goal was to make the noise stop, this angry neighbor failed miserably. While held up in their progression, cars like a Chevy SS, Ford Mustang GT, C7 Corvette ZO6, Chevy Camaro SS, etc. decided to rev their engines. There were dozens of vehicles in the parade, and you can tell many were running modified exhausts.

Ironically, if the woman had just complained to her husband and let it be, the cars would’ve been out of there in a few moments and that would’ve been that. Instead, she made the situation stretch on for quite some time while playing victim and screaming at her husband that one of the drivers threatened her.

Finally, after realizing the lady indeed was stubborn enough to keep standing in the road, the different drivers decided to turn around and leave the way they came. There’s no doubt she thought she was victorious in ruining the fun for a 10 year-old little boy on his birthday.

But that’s where things took a turn for the would-be heroine. She had called the cops trying to get the drivers cited or arrested, but the police didn’t agree with her perspective on the situation. From the chatter of the neighbors, it sounds like this woman had some run-ins with other people and wasn’t so well-liked.

That’s not the end of the story. The group of enthusiasts decided to return to the neighborhood not too long after, only word spread and even more people showed up with their performance rides.

This wasn’t done out of spite by the car enthusiasts, although they probably enjoyed the thought of riling the neighborhood again. Nope, the neighbors had requested the car parade make a return since they were apparently resoundingly in support of the unique birthday celebration. Imagine that: people like cool, loud cars!

To make the parade that much sweeter, it was done on Mother’s Day weekend, so it also was for all the moms in the neighborhood (minus one, if she has any children). Some exotic cars joined in the fun, including two Lamborghini Huracans.

As a testament to how much everyone was supportive of the parade, not only were there more cars in attendance, people were out in force to cheer them on. It was kind of like seeing a small town Independence Day parade.

What’s even sweeter is the fact this pleasant lady and her husband listed their house for sale a mere 18 hours after the video of the first incident went live on YouTube. Perhaps she was ashamed at her behavior or mortified her neighbors hadn’t stood up for her right to block traffic as well as ruin a child’s birthday celebration – we might never know.

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