Muscle Car Owners Provide Epic Birthday For Enthusiast With Special Needs

Apr 29, 2020 2 min read
Muscle Car Owners Provide Epic Birthday For Enthusiast With Special Needs

Car community comes together for a special birthday celebration full of American muscle amidst pandemic.

Our hopes were high at the beginning of 2020, but about a month or two into the year we were forced to stay at home as COVID-19 began wreaking havoc worldwide. With social distancing guidelines put in place by the CDC, countless events and festivities were either postponed or cancelled in an effort to get a hold on this pandemic. But, what if the party comes to you and makes it the best birthday ever? That's what happened to Brett, a 33-year-old man with special needs with a passion for muscle cars. You can watch the heart-touching video here.

Brett had to celebrate his birthday at his house in Houston because of the "stay at home" mandates put in place to try and keep  Sadly, Brett's mother past away two years ago, and his younger sister has taken on the role of caretaker.

<img src="muscle-car-8.png" alt="The muscle car birthday party">

A car enthusiast since he was young, Brett's heart lies with pure American muscle cars, according to his aunt. "Ever since he was just a little guy, he would just grab magazines in the grocery stores. They were always muscle cars," his aunt said.

Friends and family still wanted to make his birthday as special as possible. Thank to the West Houston Muscle Car organization, it was memorable as the owners planned a parade in less than 24 hours so he would feel the joy and love, especially during this pandemic where fear seems to be running rampant.

The West Houston Muscle Car organization was more than happy to help and be a part of Brett's big day and help surround him with his biggest passion - muscle cars.

"The car community is giving, if it's a special cause like this," one member said about being a part of the birthday festivities. With many people finding alternative ways to celebrate important dates like these at home, Brett's "stay at home" birthday celebration may have been the best one yet.

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