Best Porsches To Buy Now

May 5, 2021 5 min read
Best Porsches To Buy Now

Get into Porsche ownership before it’s too late…

Plenty of automotive enthusiasts dream of owning a Porsche but feel the high cost of the cars, especially many of the classic models, far outstrips their financial means. Sadly, that can be true. But before you get depressed looking at listings for Porsche 993s again, check out one of the following Porsche models which for the time being are relatively affordable. You might want to snatch one up before prices skyrocket as well and your manageable path to Porsche ownership is gone.

Learn about a relatively unknown Porsche hot spot in the United States here.

Porsche 924

photo credit: Porsche

Perhaps the best beginner Porsche out there, the 924 is openly laughed at by many purists, which is partly why prices are unbelievably low. Historically, these cars are important as they introduced a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout with liquid cooling to the Porsche lineup by leaning heavily on Audi. Superb aerodynamics and a lively road dynamic make these rewarding to own and a great way to get your feet wet.

Porsche 911 GT3 (997.1)

image credit: YouTube

Shocked to see a GT3 on this list? While it seems everyone just gushes over these cars, and for good reason as they’re true track weapons, the GT3 997.2 commands a much higher price on the market than the Porsche 911 GT3 997.1. There’s a difference of 20-horsepower between the two generations and performance overall isn’t too far off, so if you have the cash to spend on such a thing, the Porsche 911 GT3 997.1 is a good buy which likely will appreciate significantly over time.

Porsche 986 (Boxster)

photo credit: Porsche

Snobs don’t like the first-generation Porsche Boxsters for all kinds of reasons they’ll gladly list off, and the result is you can pick one up for less than you probably think. The car credited with pulling Porsche away from the brink of financial ruin is actually quite rewarding to drive, thanks to excellent handling which far exceeds what you get with a 911 and spirited acceleration. Prices are on the rise, but you can still get a clean Porsche 986 for a good deal if you hunt.

Porsche 914

photo credit: Porsche

For the longest time, these were almost roundly dismissed by the Porsche community, which referred to them as the Volkswagen Porsche. And while these aren’t the most attractive or most exhilarating Porsches on the planet, they are perhaps the cheapest way to get a classic Porsche. An increasing number of collectors are seeing past the flaws in the Porsche 914, so prices are on the rise.

Porsche Panamera S

photo credit: Porsche

Laugh if you must – that’s what plenty of people did when the Porsche Panamera was introduced. Everyone “knew” a sedan wasn’t a true Porsche, just like they “knew” Porsche didn’t make SUVs when the Cayenne was introduced. The result is you can pick up a first-gen Panamera for a shockingly low amount, for now. The best bang-for-your-buck option is an S with the V8 engine instead of the V6, especially if you can find one with a manual transmission as they serve up a shocking level of driving fun.

Porsche 912

image credit: YouTube

While not as overlooked or as good of a deal as they used to be, buying a Porsche 912 still comes at a lower cost than getting the iconic 911 of the same vintage. Not everyone’s a big fan of these, even with the price discount, mostly because the 912 doesn’t offer the same kind of performance experience. But, if you really want a classic Porsche one of these could be the best way to do it.

Porsche 964 Targa

photo credit: Porsche

So many people focus on the Porsche 993 as the final air-cooled version of the 911 that the 964 gets overlooked, but that’s changing. The most affordable way to score a Porsche 964 is to go for a Targa, which also gets overlooked by most. While everyone else is shelling out small fortunes for a Carrera 4 or Turbo model, you can get the looks and charm of the second-to-last air-cooled Porsche 911 for far less money, plus you get the cool factor of that Targa top.

Porsche 911 G series

photo credit: Porsche

If you must own a classic Porsche 911 made before 1988, the G series is going to be the best option. Yes, these air-cooled 911s aren’t going to be cheap, but with their government-mandated impact bumpers and early versions with the different hood design aren’t as sought-after as other classic Porsche 911s. Keep in mind this second generation of the 911 launched the popular Turbo, so those fetch ridiculously high prices.

Porsche 996

photo credit: Porsche

So many Porsche enthusiasts were furious about changes to the 911 for the 996 generation, namely the addition of water cooling, that prices for these cars remain unbelievably low today. However, more and more collectors are catching on that the Porsche 996 isn’t a bad vehicle and as that anger fades in the rearview mirror while cooler heads prevail, values are almost guaranteed to increase dramatically. In other words, if you can find a clean one for a reasonable price, you’d be wise to grab it now.

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