Porsche 912 Has A Cool Family Story

Sep 21, 2020 1 min read
Porsche 912 Has A Cool Family Story

Every car has a history…

Many people dream of one day owning a Porsche. They’re not cheap cars, but those who do own them swear they’re worth every penny. Anders Warming certainly seems to feel that way about his Bahama Yellow Porsche 912, a car that journey across the globe with him and his father, representing the journey he’s made in life. That’s at the core of what makes cars special, because they’re that companion which sticks with you through thick and thin. You can’t get behind the wheel without all those memories flooding into your mind.

Like a lot of people, Anders and his father really wanted a Porsche, but it was out of financial reach. They settled instead for a couple of classic British cars they’d wrench on during the weekends. It was a bonding activity for father and son, something many of you can identify with as we can too.

Then, one day they tracked down a Porsche 912 that was barely within their financial means. Stretching to buy it, the car was like a dream come true. Achieving any goal that’s lofty feels amazing once you reach that summit, and owning a classic Porsche certainly qualifies.

As life took the father and son to different parts of Europe, the elder Warming held onto the 912. Sadly, the father passed away, leaving the car to his son, who at the time was living in Germany. He took the car back home using the autobahn, and that’s when he realized just how much work it needed.

It was time to do the Porsche 912 the justice it deserved. Warming had by that point owned a few Porsches, so he had a trusted shop he could use for the work. After all, you don’t want to send your family heirloom to just anywhere for a restoration job. The goal was to keep as many original parts as possible. You’ll have to watch the video to learn more about the restoration process – it’s definitely worth your time.

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