They say the 1970s were the best years for muscle cars, so which are the best from that era.

Muscle cars are a huge part of American car culture because of their big power, classic styling, and storied past. While it is difficult to find an old-school muscle car that somebody isn't completely infatuated by, there are some obvious automotive giants in the world of high-powered drag strip dominators.

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1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird

First on the list of some of America’s most iconic muscle cars has got to be the Plymouth Superbird which made a name for itself as one of the most unique-looking cars in history. This was further extended by being hands down the fastest car in the world of NASCAR at the time apart from the Dodge Daytona which had slight aerodynamic changes which made it about five miles per hour faster. The Superbird has always been the more memorable car of the two aero cars however due to its slightly more attractive looks.

1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible

The ‘Cuda is already an incredible car as is due to that massive powerhouse Hemi 426 ci V8 under the hood which, while rated at just 426 horsepower, had an actual power output of +500 horsepower. The deal is made even sweeter with the addition of the convertible selection of which only 11 cars were made.

1977 Pontiac Firebird

Admittedly, there may have been a bit of bias with this pick as it is a personal favorite of ours. Remembered almost exclusively for its role in the 1977 film Smokey And The Bandit, this car made itself immediately at home in the imaginations of any enthusiasts familiar with the movie. This was mainly due to the focus on eccentric beauty and love for having fun.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Originally built for the streets of Detroit, this incredible car quickly became one of America’s favorite high-status muscle cars. This was mainly for the A-body styling which caught on particularly well in 1970. Of course, on some of the Chevelles, those beautiful looks were made complete with the addition of the 454 big-block which gave the car an output of 450 horsepower.

1978 ‘Lil Red Express

This is the truck that needs no introduction, while technically not a muscle car at all. Originally designed to catch the eyes of anyone looking for a sportier vehicle that could also give them the utility that was 100% necessary to the survival of most Americans at the time. It is widely agreed upon that the ‘Lil Red Express single-handedly sparked a movement of truck enthusiasm in the US.

1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 455

This car may not have been the prettiest model of Firebird but it sure did have a lot to offer in terms of the engine. Under the hood was the Pontiac 455 ci V8 engine which produced a respectable, for the time, 290 horsepower. Increasing Government regulations had crippled almost every other pony/muscle car in the American automotive world but the firebird was set to stay strong.

1970 Buick GSX

The classic styling may have been what led most people to this wild car; it is the engine that made them stay. That powerhouse was a massive 455 ci V8 which made a whopping 350 horsepower and 510 ft/lbs of torque which was just enough for Motor Trend to call it “the quickest American production car we’ve ever tested” at the time.

1970 Oldsmobile 442

Under the hood of this beast sat a 455 ci V8 which made 365 horsepower which made the four-speed manual quite appropriate. This thing was quick and people remembered it extremely well.

1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

The Mustang has always been the pinnacle of American youth. This is pushed even further with the Shelby American variants which had far increased power output and the classic 302 ci V8.

1974 AMC Hornet

With a 0-60 time of just 8.4 seconds, this thing shot down the road with a raging 245 horsepower which came from the 360 ci V8. That engine combined with the fantastic AMC styling of the time made this car a legend in the American automotive community. would like to thank American Collectors Insurance for their continued support of the collector car hobby. As the highest customer-rated classic car insurance company in the industry, American Collectors Insurance provides innovative insurance products tailored to the unique needs of fellow Collectors.

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