Old American Muscle Cars Embarrass The Youngins

Nov 23, 2023 2 min read
Old American Muscle Cars Embarrass The Youngins

Respect your elders…

There’s something truly satisfying at seeing a new Shelby GT500 square off at the starting line with a Plymouth ‘Cuda, then get blown out of the water. We’re talking about the modern muscle car not having a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the race at any point, even before it starts. That’s what we bring to you today, a video of classic American muscle cars racing modern muscle cars, the youngins sent packing with their tail between their legs.

Check out a Hellcat racing exotic European supercars here.

Too often, people who don’t know much think the classic muscle cars were fast for their time but are nothing compared to what we have today. In some cases that’s true, but keep in mind the guys driving these cars have fine tuned their skills, plus they have other tricks up their sleeves, making them tough to beat. This is a lesson in respecting your elders. There’s something to be learned from those things and people which have withstood the test of time.

Ok, so not all these races are between muscle cars. There is a C3 Corvette versus a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which is still an interesting matchup. Just as interesting is seeing a C8 Corvette race a Fourth-Gen Camaro. That might not sound like a fair fight, but the badging on the Camaro says it’s packing an LSX and the plumbing hints at a serious forced induction setup.

Yes, it’s true, many of the races are decided mostly by who’s modified their car more. Some will call that cheating, but is it? When you’re racing in an open class, anything goes. If you have the resources to build your motor, add forced induction, fine-tune the chassis, etc. why wouldn’t you? Keeping a car stock really isn’t all that fun, but we know not everyone agrees with that because they whine so loudly about modifications.

Also, not all of the races end with the classic muscle cars winning. There are a few cases where the younglings made in this century score some big wins. Although, it’s worth pointing out the classic models in those races don’t really look all that built. This just proves that excellent drag racers are built not bought.

Check out the races for yourself.

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