1970 Buick GSX Is A 70s Luxury Muscle Car

Oct 19, 2021 2 min read
1970 Buick GSX Is A 70s Luxury Muscle Car

This unrestored Buick will bring the sun to any collection.

In 1970, GM lifted its ban on engines larger than 400-cid for the A-Body. This move resulted in a push from all divisions to fit the largest big block possible under the hood of some of their most popular muscle cars. Chevy had the Chevelle, Pontiac the GTO, and the 442 was Oldsmobile’s offering. All now available with a 454-cid or larger engine. Buick’s contribution however, the GS-455 was very competitive with all of these offerings. Wanting to stand out from the crowded segment of high-performance GM muscle, Buick decided to up the ante with the addition of a special option group and in doing so created a legendary name, the GSX.

The 1970 GSX began with a GS-455 as a starting point. An A9 option group was added, which meant better braking, better handling, better aerodynamics, better cooling, and more driver control. Under the hood was a 455-cid big block mated to a 4-speed manual transmission that was kept cool by the use of a heavy duty cooling package. Front and rear spoilers added to the aerodynamics of the car and gave it a sportier look as well.

Ad highlights:

  • 1 of 678 GSXs produced and 1 of 491 in Saturn Yellow
  • Mostly original code QQ GSX-exclusive Saturn Yellow paint
  • Mostly original Black interior
  • 455 CI V-8 engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Dealer-installed air conditioning
  • Bucket seats with console
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • Hood tach
  • Front and rear spoilers
  • New exhaust
  • New suspension
  • Chrome Super Stock wheels
  • Goodyear Eagle ST radial tires
  • Laminated cop

This GSX is being offered by Mecum in their upcoming October auction.

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