UK Cops Bust High-End Chop Shop

Feb 3, 2021 2 min read
UK Cops Bust High-End Chop Shop

Let this be a lesson to you all…

The fact of the matter is criminals want your car, especially if you drive something powerful and/or high-end. Such vehicles are a blast to drive, but they’re also worth plenty on the black market, especially when you take them apart and sell the individual components. That’s what chop shops are all about, and police in the UK just busted one which only had high-end performance cars inside. The photos are pretty horrific, so we apologize for any upset they might cause.

photo credit: The Bolton News

It can be a little difficult to definitely identify the cars in the pictures, but one is definitely a BMW M model of some sort with four doors and xDrive. Another one looks like it might be an M2 or M4. As for the rest, those bones are so clean it’s basically impossible to tell what they are unless you’ve been chopping up modern European performance cars.

photo credit: The Bolton News

A local news report simply stated the Greater Manchester Police had been tipped off that there was a chop shop operating in Abbey Hey. After officers raided the shop, they found 6 high-end performance cars on location, all of them in the process of being cut up. Authorities seized the cars and arrested those present.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say these were probably not the first 6 cars the chop shop had resized. There’s no indication in the report of how long the shop had been helping feed the automotive components market, but these sorts of cars would have a high yield once completely sold off.

photo credit: The Bolton News

There are likely many factors for the increase in car theft, from a shortage of new cars and car parts because of the shutdowns to people feeling desperate for money after being furloughed. Also, keyless entry and ignition has made stealing cars easier than it has been in some time, which is ironic considering the technology was sold as not only being a nice convenience but also more secure than sticking a key in the ignition.

This is just another remind that there are criminals who want your car, so take steps to secure it.

Source: The Bolton News

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