From An Old Window Factory To One Car Collector's Epic Garage

Aug 25, 2020 2 min read
From An Old Window Factory To One Car Collector's Epic Garage

A 6,200-square-foot luxurious space inspired by Porsche.

If a car collector has deep enough pockets to own a few dream cars, they certainly have enough money to build an epic garage to store these fine machines. While most people have one- or two-car garages, others have epic dream car garages way larger than our homes. Some car collectors will even have their vehicles sitting in utmost luxury.

<img src="dream-garage-2.jpg" alt="A dream garage designed from a former window factory">
DawnElise Interiors International

One Florida interior design company, DawnElise Interiors International, created an epic space for one car collector to house their collection as well as provide accommodations to conduct business.  Dawn Hamilton, the interior designer behind the incredible setup, is known for residential, commercial, hospitality, and restaurants. This time, she was sought out to upgrade a garage into the ultimate car space.

Once completed, this former window factory was turned into a 6,200-square-foot space with plenty of room for an ever-growing car collection. This industrial space already featured massive windows along the north wall which offers plenty of natural light spilling into the interior. A special frosting film was applied for privacy, but the effect also softened the entire garage feel.

A focal wall was adorned with bricks to create an old-time industrial ambience, but it also provided texture and eye-catching aesthetic especially as a contrast to smooth and gleaming paint finishes on the vehicles. Stonhard provided the seamless epoxy flooring, an inspiration from the Porsche North America headquarters in Atlanta after the client stopped by to order a brand new Porsche. Also inside are workshop cabinets by Baldhead Design, and the space is occupied by a lift to get the cars off the ground for maintenance and meticulous detailing.

The client's collection features different kinds of Porsche models from a classic Speedster and modern Cayman GT4, a couple of 993s, and even a Volkswagen Thing. Waving the Japanese flag is an Acura NSX.

Not just for the vehicles (although mostly), the former window factory now features two offices, a conference area, and 1.5 baths, as well as a kitchen and lounge area. If the garage looks like this, we can only imagine the space this car collector calls home.

Source: Robb Report, Yahoo

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