ProTouring 1969 Mustang 427 Stroker Build Is Homemade

Jul 8, 2021 1 min read
ProTouring 1969 Mustang 427 Stroker Build Is Homemade

This first-generation Fastback Mustang has been transformed into a ProTouring messiah.

Brandon DeFazio started working on his 1969 Mustang back in October of 2012. The pony car has since undergone several transformational periods, and yet, it hasn’t been touched by a professional builder since he’s owned it. The entire build is a labor of love from Brandon and his dad as they built this ‘Stang as a father-son duo.

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Brandon, and his dad Mike, came across this 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback when they were looking for a car they could enter into local autocross events. Instead of trying to painstakingly restore a 1960s Ford Mustang, a restomod build made a lot more sense for their purposes. Taking a car like a first-generation Mustang and getting it ProTouring worthy is not the easiest thing when the car was riding on suspension technology from the 1960s and not much to speak of, engine options wise (carb guys don’t shoot me).

To get the Mustang to the point where it would be a formidable competitor, it would take some sweat. Check it out here:

Build Sheet:

-Powertrain: 427C Stroker w/ FAST EFI
-Transmission: TKO600
-Rearend: 9″ Speedway Engineering Full Floating Rear End
-Inside: Custom interior w/ MMI Custom 6-Point Roll Cage
-Suspension: Mike Maier suspension, JRi adjustable coilovers
-Brakes: Wilwood disc brakes
-Wheels/Tires Front: 18″x10.5″ Forgeline wheels with 285/35/18 Michelin tires
-0Wheels/Tires Rear: 19″x12.5″ Forgeline wheels with 325/30/19 Michelin tires

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