This is a bad situation for all...

While it appears that some Houston residence trying to drive through the storm have hopefully survived the floods, it seems that many of them did so at the expense of what were some very nice vehicles. Live Storms Media surveyed the Houston area with a drone shortly after parts of the city received a massive 10-inches or more of rain. Among the vehicles that fell victim to flash flooding are several F-Series trucks, a Dodge Challenger, and a Mustang. Many other vehicles can be seen as well, though these are either too far underwater to be identified or not as notable as America’s favorite pickup and some of the baddest modern muscle cars.

Adding to the horrific scene of flooded out cars, many of the vehicles can be seen with their flashers still on and doors open from where the owners had to make the undoubtedly tough decision to bail out and start swimming to safety. One four-door sedan even appears to still be running, as the water is just barely covering the exhaust pipe.

Although the tropical storm turned out to be weaker than initial projections had claimed that it would be, that weakness may have been a major contributor to the majority of the damage in Texas. The fact that the storm slowly made its way through the Houston area gave rain more time to gather, creating dangerous flash flood situations for homes, cars, and their owners.

City officials warned drivers to stay off the roads and even warned some home owners that they may have to evacuate their homes. City efforts to stem damages and preserve life were great and many of the high flood zones of the city were barricaded. Since Monday morning, first responders had reportedly done over 100 water rescues from city roads.

Image Via Live Storms Media

Even though the storm has for the most part moved on, Houston’s most unfortunate have a long road ahead of them as cleanup efforts begin. Unfortunately for those that were on this stretch of road when it flooded, cleanup may mean coming to grips with the loss of some really cool cars.

Honorable mention to this guy who crashed a news broadcast, showing that some people can make the best out of any situation:

Image Via KPRC 2 Click2Houston
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