I'm calling on my fellow car people to spot this car, and help get the family pet back home!

Have you ever run across a story that was too close to home? Literally a figuratively? That’s how I felt reading the story of a family pet that was taken close to my home, as well as their car. I live in Metro Atlanta, have two bulldogs that act like toddlers and have been raised alongside my kids, and I can’t imagine the pain of having one taken from me, but I’ve seen people eyeing them while traveling before. To boot, I also drive a white Dodge Charger.

I am calling on the keen-eyed Motorious readers, the people who notice cars the most, can help bring this fur baby back home - although, I'm sure the family want both back.

Metro Atlanta has had a rough couple of weeks, and crime is through the roof. This is the second time I’ve heard of a family pet being stolen in the metro since thefts, property damage, violent crimes, and murders have shot up to a rate that’s hard to swallow.

Image Via CB46

On Wednesday evening, a family traveling back to Florida from Atlanta, stopped at a Buckhead gas station on Paces Ferry road had their 2019 Dodge Charger with French Bulldog inside.

Image Via CB46

Please take a long look at the photos and the pooch, Stormy, a dark gray female French Bulldog, and keep an eye out on the road, as well as any pet sites. Bulldogs are worth thousands of dollars, even after they've grown out of puppy-hood, and there's a high chance that the thieves will try to sell her.

Image Via CB46

Report any leads to the Buckhead Police Department, or contact the owner, Victoria Donahoo at 256-404-8907 - or send me an email and I will do anything I can to help find the appropriate resource to help get the pooch home Elizabeth@Motorious.com.

Update: We have removed some information sensitive to the investigation, and still need the public's help getting the word out. Please check your local sites, Facebook pages, and keep an eye out for the French Bulldog being sold or advertised to be bred.