Murder Suspect Was Driving Stolen BMW

Apr 8, 2021 2 min read
Murder Suspect Was Driving Stolen BMW

Some justice has been served…

Murder suspect Ryan James Lindsey was recently arrested in the area of Brownsville, Texas after he was pulled over in a stolen 2006 BMW Z4. Now he’s facing a whole string of serious charges. Not only is a hardened criminal off the streets, a car owner is getting his ride back, which sadly is an unlikely outcome.

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A probable cause affidavit shows the owner of the BMW Z4 reported it missing on November 27, 2020. While often stolen cars are either chopped up or immediately taken out of the country, it’s not unheard of for criminals to use them to commit other crimes. Usually, they use the stolen car for a short time and then ditch or destroy it to cover up their tracks, so we’re not sure why Lindsey kept this Bimmer for so long. The owner no doubt is glad he did, although the condition of the car is unknown.

The BMW owner reported that when the car was stolen, the thieves broke into his home and helped themselves to a number of his possessions, including a 9mm pistol.

Police did find surveillance video from the middle of last December showing Lindsey pull up to a gas station in Arkansas and fuel up the Z4. On the video is another suspect wanted for the same murder, Allison Cunningham, who arrived at the gas station at about the same time.

For a time, Lindsey told police he hid the BMW at a house in Mountain Home, Arkansas “because it was stolen and everyone knew it was stolen.” Perhaps he liked driving the car too much to ditch it, but Lindsey told investigators after his arrest he held onto it with the intention of trading the Z4 for a “large amount” of meth. Ultimately, keeping the car was his undoing.

Now Lindsey is in jail with his bond set at $1 million. This situation does prove that while we should secure our cars, we need to keep in mind that trying to actively stop someone from stealing your ride could end poorly, considering some thieves might already be hardened killers. Plus, it sounds like this BMW Z4 owner has his car secured, but the crooks broke into his place and got the keys anyway.

Source: KTLO

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