This will be a good story to tell at the next family reunion.

It was a clear Halloween morning in Fairfield, California when according to police a father and son decided to drag race each other down Travis Boulevard. Since police witnessed the street race, the duo was pulled over and arrested, plus their cars were impounded. Now they get to go before a judge and explain their actions.

A recent Camaro street racing crash resulted in tragedy for three, see the updates here.

Fairfield Police say Martin Lowe, 60, and Michael Lowe, 24, were both going 70 mph when they blew right past an officer who was just wrapping up another traffic stop. Needless to say, the cop wasn’t impressed by the stunt, especially since they were in a 35 mph zone.

These two weren’t driving Honda Civics. One car was a last-gen Pontiac GTO and the other a newer Dodge Challenger. In the repot, the officer said the vehicles were neck-in-neck while taking up the first and second lanes of traffic. The report didn’t specify who was driving which, but both are pretty potent machines (especially if the Challenger is a V8 model).

Since the two men are accused of street racing, their cars have been impounded for 30 days. Hopefully they have something else to drive in the meantime. They’ll have quite the fine to pay to get their vehicle out, too.

We don’t endorse or condone street racing. It’s dangerous and selfish. This father and son could have hit and killed a kid, grandma, etc. There are tracks for doing that sort of thing, or at the very least go far away from everyone else, but you should really take it to the track.

Typically, police departments step up patrols on Halloween since more kids are out, plus some people decide it’s a good day to break the law. Fairfield Police say they also stopped a driver with a suspended license who is a suspected gang member and was carrying a loaded firearm.

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