Gearhead Dream Home For Sale In Texas

Jan 27, 2021 3 min read
Gearhead Dream Home For Sale In Texas

Imagine living there…

Enthusiasts aren’t generally known for fantasizing about homes. Sure, we all want a big garage, maybe with a lift and a few other amenities, but the home itself isn’t as big of a focus. Some gearhead had a different idea, turning their entire house into a car lovers paradise. Located in Roanoke, Texas which is just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth, this dream estate is going for big bucks.

This place seems to have it all. There are several car lifts, a paint booth, a tire changer, glass repair center, and all kinds of antique automotive memorabilia like gas pumps and old signs, and that’s all separate from the 10-car garage. Of course, that garage is nicer than more people’s homes, with climate control, slip-resistant flooring, and an office space. Since you’d be spending a lot of time in the garage, it’s been designed for year-round comfort.

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As for the main house, it contains 5 bedrooms and large entertaining spaces for those get-togethers in cold weather. Automotive influences abound, from signs attached to the ceilings to a motorcycle-themed bathroom sink. There’s even a Chevy truck transformed into a wet bar to really amaze your friends.

The grounds contain multiple classics with healthy patinas being used as planters and lawn art, as well other traffic lights and other automotive-themed decorations. Other amenities include an oversized tiered pool for relaxing with your crew after doing some wrenching and a fire pit for those late night wiener roasts.

In total, the property is listed with 7,419 square feet of interior space split up among several buildings. Currently listed at a cool $7,999,000 the estate is situated on 10 acres, so you have plenty of space to yourself. However, like an exotic car this property is well out of budget for most, making it a nice fantasy but nothing more.

Check out the house listing here.

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