Florida Man’s Race Car Stolen

Jul 21, 2021 2 min read
Florida Man’s Race Car Stolen

Have you seen this ride?

On June 20 a race car parked in a trailer was stolen in Lakeland, Florida leaving the owner absolutely devastated. Zong Liu said he saved for years to buy the car, making plenty of sacrifices along the way to realize his dream. Then someone just decided to take it, which is completely infuriating.

Dodge promised a security update for its high-powered muscle cars, but where is it? We have some answers here.

Surveillance footage shows how the thieves arrived in a U-Haul truck at the storage facility where Liu’s trailer with the car inside was being kept. The initial visit was during the daytime, but then the thieves return at night, hitch the trailer to the truck, and take off.

photo credit: Facebook

Liu posted about the theft on Facebook and the information spread quickly. Someone spotted the trailer in Hillsborough County, but when Liu showed up there was nothing left inside. He filed a police report, but so far there’s been no sign of his car.

As Liu explains, you can’t finance a race car like you can with a road car. Since he doesn’t come from an affluent background, the man had to scrimp and pinch like crazy to have $20,000 in cash to finally realize his childhood dream of owning and driving a race car.

photo credit: Facebook

Not only was Liu’s race car taken, the thieves stole all of the tools which were left in the trailer. Those included car scales, different suspension parts, setup tools, battery tools, plus some racing gear. Frankly, we’re shocked they didn’t keep the trailer as well since those are hot theft items these days. To help cover the cost of the loss, Liu has set up a Go Fund Me campaign, which aims to raise $40,000. That’s a lot more than the $20,000 he says he spent on the car, so maybe the tools cost just as much?

Source: Bay News 9

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