Nebraska Man Gets Stolen Hot Rod Back After 40 Years

Jul 14, 2021 2 min read
Nebraska Man Gets Stolen Hot Rod Back After 40 Years

And the man’s father was involved with the theft…

Stan Staab of Kearney, Nebraska has reclaimed his beloved 1936 Ford Model 68 hot rod after it was stolen 40 years ago. It was a car he purchased when he was just 16, paying $50 for the business man’s coupe using a small loan from his mother. For anyone who’s ever had a beloved car stolen and hope that one day they’ll drive it once more, this story is truly an inspiration.

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Where this story truly gets interesting is in the way it was stolen. Even though it was legally Stan’s car – he held the title and kept it for 40 years – his father sold it one day while he was off at college. Staab isn’t sure why but his dad never liked the Ford. It might have had something to do with the fact it sat not running behind the shed, which wasn’t attractive in the least.

Instead of warning his son of his intentions, Stan’s dad just sold the car and told him about it only later, when his son asked where it was. We can imagine there was some tension between father and son after that, and probably leading up to that as well.

Long after it was sold, one person used the Ford Model 68 five-window coupe in parades. Then he sold it to a collector in Kearney. That person pained it pea green and, as Staab describes it, “hung pots and pans on it and disfigured it quite nicely.” That fact obviously angered the man, who had always dreamed of turning the car into a cool street rod.

Even though the collector in Kearney didn’t treat the Ford the way Staab would’ve liked, the man did the right thing. One day Stan got a call and the collector told him, “I think I have your ’36 here.” The collector had been doing a title search to get a clear title when he got in contact with Staab’s mother who told him the whole sordid tale.

Now that Staab has his Ford back, he’s done just what he planned. The custom street rod is something the man takes out on Cruise Nite events in Kearney, showing it off with pride. After so many years apart, we’re sure he appreciates the business man’s coupe more than ever.

Source: Kearney Hub

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