Bono’s Cowhide Mercedes Being Auctioned

Jul 21, 2021 2 min read
Bono’s Cowhide Mercedes Being Auctioned

Now’s your chance for fame and glory!

Bono, the bombastic lead singer of U2 who only needs a single name, once owned a crazy custom 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL which is currently being auctioned online. The car was used by the singer on the other side of the pond, so it’s a right-hand-drive model, but that’s not what makes it truly bizarre. That honor goes to the cowhide-pattern upholstery the musician had installed for reasons only he can completely answer.

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That’s not all which is notable about this Mercedes. A kicking sound system was installed, as you can clearly see with this huge speakers absolutely exploding from the door panels. As one might imagine, Bono is really into music and so wanted the best sound system he could possibly get in his car. This one has quite a few amps installed in the trunk and is pushing so much power that a fire extinguisher was fitted in the front passenger footwell, just in case.

photo credit: Car and Classic

Also included with the sound system are a number of other upgrades, including a CD changer under the dash on the passenger side and an advanced equalizer embedded in the dash over the changer. It’s really a testament to how much more sophisticated sound system technologies are today.

Sure, you could get a new sound system installed in your car for a fraction of what Bono spent for this setup and it might be way better. But, was your car owned by one of the biggest rock stars to ever walk this planet? Yeah, we didn’t think so and that’s the draw of owning this Mercedes. Oh, plus the cowhide-pattern upholstery, which can only be topped by real cowhide upholstery.

photo credit: Car and Classic

If you’re interested in this car, reserve has been met at the current top bid of £14,000 as of the writing of this article. You can check out the lot listing here. Bidding ends on July 25th.

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