Watch A Barn Find 1994 GMC Sierra Get Fully Detailed

Oct 2, 2020 2 min read
Watch A Barn Find 1994 GMC Sierra Get Fully Detailed

Seeing any car be restored to its former glory is always incredibly satisfying.

We always wonder about people who park relatively new cars in a garage, barn, shed, etc. and let them just sit. That’s the story with this barn find GMC Sierra 1500 which is 26 years-old and sat unused for 20 years. It’s a dirty job YouTube channel Stauffer Garage shows in good detail. If you’re like us, you’ll find the process strangely soothing.

This Sierra wasn’t just caked in dirt like when you drive off-road for hours. Once it was cleaned up the oxidation in the paint was obvious, so Stauffer Garage polished it up to make the body look like it was new. That’s not some crazy black magic, we know, but it’s still great to see the process and end results.

To be completely honest, we’ve seen far worse interiors than this one, which isn’t all that bad. Too many people treat their car like a rolling garbage can and maybe to them it is, if they don’t just see it as a kitchen appliance. But the Sierra’s cab is only minimally dirty, maybe because it was a mere 6 years-old when it was parked? Plus, since it doesn’t have carpeting but instead vinyl flooring, cleaning things up is far easier. For the record, we’re not fans of carpeting in trucks, including off-road SUVs since they’re made for playing in the dirt and mud.

If you’re looking for some car detailing tips, this guy shows some basic ones anyone could follow. Plus, the guy gives you the full list of products he uses for the job. Yes, if you have a fair amount of detailing experience you probably won’t learn anything new. For us, this video is just interesting to watch since we’ve never seen a barn find-condition GMC Sierra, let alone one fully detailed.

What’s really great about this video is the owner of the truck is a veteran. Stauffer Garage says all the detailing work was done for free to show appreciation for the man’s service.

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