Watch A Bizzarrini P538 Barn Find Take A Bath

Apr 6, 2020 2 min read
Watch A Bizzarrini P538 Barn Find Take A Bath

This car is worth close to a million dollars.

There’s no denying the allure of barn find cars. There are the questions about why someone would dump such a valuable thing in less-than-ideal conditions, plus fantasies about finding and keeping/selling such a vehicle. Plus, it’s fun to see what these stashed away classic vehicles look like after sitting for decades. You get all of that and more in the video below.

An undisclosed collector has stashed away over 300 rare vehicles in an undisclosed location. Once you see what all is in this facility, you’ll understand the desire for secrecy. Professional detailers AMMO NYC have been invited by the owner to go into the building and clean one car: a Bizzarrini P538. The Italian car is exceptionally rare but hasn’t been detailed in a long time.

Most don’t know much about the Bizzarrini P538, car that could easily be mistaken for a Ferrari. Bizzarrini had actually worked for Ferrari for a time but finally struck out on his own with a low and sensually curvy roadster called the P358. Surprisingly, it was powered by a 5.3-liter Chevy V8. To skirt FIA prototype rules, even though the driver’s seat is centered, the passenger seat is off to one side and a luggage compartment is on the other.

Thankfully, these detailers were able to get permission to film the inside of this location. It’s jaw-dropping even for someone who’s been around plenty of highly collectable cars what all is crammed into this place. Among the many impressive rides is a Ford GT40 in Gulf livery, multiple vintage Ferraris worth millions each, multiple Plymouth Superbirds, C2 Chevy Corvette, a Lamborghini Diablo, hot rods, a BMW Z3, a Lotus Esprit, and many more. You just have to watch the video to really grasp how extensive the collection is.

Keep in mind we don’t even get a full tour of all 300-plus cars which have been gathering dust this whole time. We see a lot of them, but surely more are hiding. Nobody has seen these cars in over 30 years or more, but they’ll be entering the market soon.

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