See A Jeep Wrangler YJ Get A Deep Cleaning

Mar 24, 2020 2 min read
See A Jeep Wrangler YJ Get A Deep Cleaning

This rig was abandoned and growing mold.

Pretty much everyone has a friend, family member, or neighbor who just doesn’t clean their car. You get in and have to kick garbage out of the way, while also sticking to the seat and/or the floormats. Dirt is ground into any plastic surface and the whole ride just reeks. There’s nothing more satisfying that seeing such a neglected ride get deep cleaned, which is exactly what we’re about to see with an abandoned Jeep Wrangler YJ.

If you talk to the particular hardcore Jeepers, they’ll tell you exactly why Jeeps keep getting worse and worse. That means a YJ is far superior to the Jeep Wrangler JL can get off a dealer lot brand new today. After all, the modern rigs have all kinds of cream puff features like air conditioning, heated seats, leather upholstery, and the worst of them all – a touchscreen.

While Jeeps were made to be rugged, we’re pretty sure they weren’t made to be abandoned. This poor YJ has been growing mold on its body panels as well as inside, but fortunately YouTuber AMMO NYC has the know-how and equipment to take this ride from a wreck to a beauty in relatively short time.

This guy has some solid tips for detailing filthy cars. For anyone who’s interested in tracking down barn finds, the information in this video could prove invaluable. After all, doing the work yourself versus paying a professional can help you save on costs, helping with your bottom line.

One of the most surprising tricks he uses is compressed air. They’re blowing out crevices both outside and inside the Jeep, dislodging dirt and drying out those areas where water likes to sit and then leak out when you’re polishing the body panels (which is super annoying). Just like with any job, having the right tools on hand is essential, otherwise the work is harder and less effective.

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