Artist Gives The AMC Javelin A Modern Update

Jan 15, 2024 3 min read
Artist Gives The AMC Javelin A Modern Update

Well, what do you think?

Unless you’re an enthusiast, you might not even think about AMC or the Javelin when a conversation turns to classic American muscle cars. It seems that obscurity might have been in part the motivation behind artist Abimelec Arellano giving one a digital modern revision. We expect opinions of this rendering to run the range, although no purist would like it, but they don’t like changes to any car so that’s to be expected.

image credit: Instagram

Coming as zero surprise to anyone, the Javelin has been slammed to the ground. This trend is a little overplayed at this point, like when everyone was murdering out Corvettes, Jeeps, trucks, etc. a few years ago. This means the wheels are tucked under those prominent fenders, especially in the rear.

image credit: Instagram

Speaking of wheels, they’re from Shelby, and that’s not all the brand mixing going on. The seats are from a Ford GT and there’s a Hellcat engine under the hood, because the lazy thing to do these days is declare we should Hellcat everything (and we love Hellcats, but come on, man!).

image credit: Instagram

The artist goes on in his Instagram post about how the Javelin deserves a place in the “Muscle (sic) hall of fame” and that the Javelin “looks as if a Dodge Challenger just ate 4 hamburgers and spent 5 hours lifting at the gym!” Try to not laugh too hard, because the guy obviously can’t understand an AMC without relating it to a Mopar.

image credit: Instagram

Anyway, Arellano thinks the lines on the Javelin are good but the proportions are off, so his rendering seeks to fix all that. Chief among his dislikes of the muscle car is the length of the front overhang. He also made the decklid spoiler much taller and more aggressive, plus added a prominent front splitter and a few other nips and tucks.

So, what do you think? Did this guy improve on the looks of the AMC Javelin or was this a swing and a miss?

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When you talk Muscle Cars, the AMC Javelin might not be the first one to pop in your mind, however, the Trans-Am wins and the totally-and-absolutely Muscle car looks give it a place in the Muscle hall of fame. Talking about Muscle, look at those fenders, it looks as if a Dodge Challenger just ate 4 hamburgers and then spent 5 hours lifting at the gym! The looks of the Javelin are interesting, it has...uhm, let’s say potential. It has great lines, but its ruined by proportions, in stock form the front overhang is massive, which throws off the whole car kind of like the AMC Gremlin. That is the main issue addressed here, the front section (all the metal past the front wheels) has been shortened considerably, including the hood, so the car is now shorter in the right places. The Ringbrothers did a similar treatment to their incredible AMC Javelin, however they moved the front axle forwards instead of shortening the car. I think that looks better because its longer, but I thought I’d try this different approach for this rendering just to see how it would look. Other modifications include fitted bumpers, bigger wheel wells, lower rockers, Ford GT seats, Shelby wheels, a more aggressively angled ducktail spoiler and of course, the ubiquitous Hellcat engine under the hood. The supercharger is painted to match the satin bumpers, and the block and heads are painted teal as a nod to the original AMX Javelin’s engine, the AMC 401 CI V8. I really enjoyed playing around with this one, I hope you like it as much as I do! Have a great Monday! 🤘 . . . . . . . . #amc #javelin #amx #coupe #custom #restomod #hellcat #v8 #supercharged #hemi #chrysler #dodge #mopar #chopped #transam #racer #muscle #car #musclecars #musclecar #red #shelby #3d #render

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