Pontiac Firebird Widebody Has Sinister Intentions

Mar 13, 2024 2 min read
Pontiac Firebird Widebody Has Sinister Intentions

An old favorite gets a refreshed look…

Usually, when an Instagram graphic designer uses Photoshop to give a classic American muscle car like this Pontiac Firebird the widebody treatment it turns stomachs. And while we don’t expect everyone to like the results (or even accept that the Firebird can be called a muscle car) this is one of the best of these examples we’ve seen in a while.

Learn about the upcoming Pontiac museum opening here.

Instead of incorporating JDM styling cues into an American car, this rendering keeps things truer to the original look of the classic Firebird. It also has a clean, sleek look with no exposed bolts or rivets. That fact, combined with the use of black makes the fender flares look as if they were meant to be there, despite the stark departure from the OE look.

image credit: Instagram

The huge hood scoop is a cool feature and is more fitting for a car like this than some other possibilities. It’s sleek yet muscular, pairing with the rest of the body perfectly. Since the front fascia hasn’t been mangled beyond recognition through the use of some huge LED light strip or some such nonsense, the overall identity of the Pontiac is preserved.

While the wheels are a big departure from anything used in the golden age of muscle cars, we think they look appropriate on a build like this. As for the rear, the spoiler is appropriately subtle and the taillights are quickly recognizable, just like the headlights.

image credit: Instagram

We wouldn’t suggest doing something like this in real life with a clean Firebird. A rough barn find or something that’s been mostly parted out and left to sit in a yard would be an excellent candidate since such a car already needs a large working-over lest it be cubed. In that context, this rendering works well.

Let us know what you think of this digital doodle in the comments.

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