Factory Five ‘33 Ford Hot Rod Proves Kit Cars Can Kill It

Sep 2, 2020 1 min read
Factory Five ‘33 Ford Hot Rod Proves Kit Cars Can Kill It

This is the ultimate built-not-bought hotrod…

Some gearheads seem to have a real problem with kit cars like what Factory Five sells. They go on about how those aren’t “real cars” and other insults which honestly don’t make much sense. After all, how many people can afford an original Shelby Cobra? If you want a great-looking, “new” 1933 Ford built as a hotrod, Factory Five has a nice kit for that. That’s what the video included with this article is about.

If you haven’t had any experience with Factory Five, know that their kits are pretty nice. We’re not getting some kickback from the company for saying that, so you know. Everyone is going to have their opinions, but we think the kits are good. Of course, what makes any build special is that little extra you put into it, and that’s exactly where this particular hotrod shines.

Instead of going with the standard suspension, the owner went with a 10-way adjustable setup. He’s a smart man, because too often people focus only on the powertrain, forgetting that to really make use of all that power you need a good chassis. It also means this car can be set up optimally for drag racing, road courses, cruising, autocross, etc.

The 347ci stroker Ford V8 in this hotrod is pushing 365-horsepower at the wheels, plus it’s carbureted. These days 365-hp isn’t some extreme figure but it’s respectable. But when you consider the car weighs about 2,000 lbs. that’s actually plenty! Plus, the thing just sounds wicked under load.

To match all that power, this car has a murdered-out appearance. Like a lot of people we’ve been burned out on the all-black look for a while, especially when every lifted truck and custom Jeep was beating it to death. But this car pulls off that sinister appearance quite well, like it was created for the ’33 Ford.

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