Tom Cotter Hunts Down An AMC Rebel Machine

Apr 16, 2020 2 min read
Tom Cotter Hunts Down An AMC Rebel Machine

Hiding in Atlanta, this is one super-rare American muscle car.

No matter where you live, there are some interesting cars stashed away in a barn, basement, garage, warehouse, or somewhere you might not even expect. This certainly is proven true time and again by people who regularly uncover such gems. Tom Cotter continues his Barn Find Hunter escapades in Atlanta, a city where many cool cars are hidden away. But what he discovers this time is a truly rare AMC Rebel Machine.

Tom is hard at work in this episode, starting off by battling Atlanta rush hour traffic early in the morning. That’s something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Anyway, the destination is a field full of dozens of cars, the very thing collectors get excited over.

That AMC Rebel Machine is a car even this guy, who has so many vehicles, had to hunt for years to find. They’re incredibly rare muscle cars and his isn’t sitting outside, probably because the risk is too high. You better believe this AMC is getting the royal treatment in a restoration and will cause a lot of excitement wherever it goes afterward.

There are many amazing cars in this episode, far too many to even touch on. One that stands out is the Triumph Stag the owner has on deck for a full restoration. With a V8 engine and manual transmission it’s quite the wild ride, so there’s no wonder it’s getting special attention.

Perhaps the rarest car in the collection is a Jensen GT, a 2+2 with a Lotus engine, and this one has been fully restored. He also has a few Rambler Marlins and so many other beautiful vehicles.

What particularly great about this episode of Barn Find Hunter is we don’t just see someone who’s stashed a bunch of cars to let them rot. This guy is actually doing the good work of restoring as many as he can so the beauty and history will live on for future generations.

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