Dodge Hellcat Smokes Pursuing Cops

Mar 25, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Hellcat Smokes Pursuing Cops

These poor Ford Police Interceptors don’t stand a chance.

We here at Motorious don’t support or advocate anyone fleeing from the police. It’s a dangerous, selfish thing to do since you could easily cause a serious accident and maybe even kill somebody. At the same time, we’re big fans of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and it’s always amazing to see how quick the American muscle car is. Some police officers in Lawrence, Indiana learned that the frustrating, hard way not too long ago.

On the show Live PD, which has since been axed by A&E in a controversial decision, police are shown descending on what looks like some sort of muscle car meet. Obviously, this was in the days before the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing panic, which has virtually annihilated social interaction outside of shopping at Walmart.

Anyway, if you attend an event like this in the future, resist the temptation to show off for everyone by performing a burnout or doing something else stupid on a public road. Police know car meets can lead to reckless driving. In this case, they spot a Dodge Challenger blocking traffic momentarily. These officers fail to notice the Hellcat badge on the front fenders, so they think they’re dealing with just a run-of-the-mill Mopar.

A chase ensues and the Hellcat makes it to the highway. That’s probably when the only pursuing officer we can see at that point realizes he brought a knife to a gunfight. His Ford Police Interceptor just doesn’t have the power to keep up at all. Once the Hellcat pulls away, weaves through traffic and disappears from view you never see it again. Yet the officer is still determined to catch up with the guy. We doubt he’s much of a gearhead, otherwise he would’ve realized the pursuit was over before it ever really began.

Even after all that, the police officer remains optimistic. “We’ll get him next time.” They might, but it won’t be from trying to chase him down on the highway, that’s for sure.

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