Motorcycle Monday: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Apr 5, 2021 3 min read
Motorcycle Monday: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

It’s all about dressing up and riding for a good cause…

For better or worse, riding a motorcycle has a reputation as something irresponsible rebels do. You can blame that on Harley-Davidson, but it’s something which is much bigger than the American motorcycle brand. However, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride can help change perceptions, plus it’s working to raise awareness around the world for prostrate research and men’s mental health. It’s also an excuse to get dressed up and go for a ride at a time when a lot of people are feeling cooped up while also helping a good cause.

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Set for May 23rd, anyone anywhere in the world can register for the event. The idea is to ride your classic or vintage motorcycle while wearing dress clothes. We’re talking like a suit and tie, not your good Levis and a clean T-shirt. Vintage-style modern bikes apparently are acceptable for the event.

photo credit: Facebook

Some people get really into this ride, choosing to wear clothing which is period-correct for the year their motorcycle was made. The while point is  to do something different and fun while having a good time and meeting like-minded riders. That alone could arguably be promoting men’s mental health as friendships could potentially be forged at the rides.

Of course, this is about more than just riding a cool vintage motorcycle all dressed up. After setting up a profile, participants are encouraged to solicit donations. How you do that is up to you, but stressing to friends, family, and associates that their money will go towards promoting men’s health might be a good idea. As an extra incentive, there are prizes being given away to participants who engage in certain activities. By far the biggest of those is a one-off Triumph Thruxton RS.

photo credit: Facebook

If the cause of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride sounds oddly familiar, that could be for a good reason. It’s partnered up with Movember, which you’re probably at least fairly familiar with. The great news is women can participate in this event, so it’s certainly not limited to just men.

Since there are different COVID-19 restrictions and those could change between now and May 23rd, organizers of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride say how people can participate this year will depend on where someone wants to participate. In other words, they’re not encouraging anyone to flout local government restrictions.

photo credit: Facebook

This means anyone participating will be riding solo without any starting event, regrouping, or end ceremonies. On the flip side, if you live somewhere with little to no COVID restrictions, you can exercise your freedom to do the ride however you please, at least to an extent. Organizers say each participant will receive instructions on where their local ride will take place and what will be allowed.

Founded in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa back in 2012, it’s been growing in popularity since. Hawwa says he was inspired by a photo of Don Draper from Mad Men in a designer suit while sitting on a classic motorcycle. That’s when the idea of a dapper themed ride hit him and the rest is history.

photo credit: Facebook

So far, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has raised a whopping $27.45 million for the cause with 340,000 riders participating on their classic or vintage bikes.

To register for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, click here.

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