But it’s also big, and you’ll see why…

Dennis Schroder, the Los Angeles Lakers player from Germany, pulls in a healthy salary of $15.5 million. With that kind of cash flow, any gearhead could have a pretty amazing garage. Considering the NBA star comes from the birthplace of the automobile, one might expect his collection is loaded with Germans. However, the man probably owns fewer cars than most people would expect, showing he has some restraint. That might be a function of living in Los Angeles where real estate is expensive and the traffic is hellish.

Also, you’ll start to see a pattern emerge with what cars Dennis Schroder owns.

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Cadillac Escalade

image credit: YouTube

He might be German, but the big man likes American luxury as well. An Escaladeis not only a flashy vehicle, it’s practical if you have a family. Sure, Schroder only has two kids for now, but maybe he’s planning on a whole brood? Anyway, he can fit plenty of kids in his Caddie. Purchased in Oklahoma City when he was playing there, so he’s had it for a bit. He disclosed the luxury SUV is also what he’s driven in to attend practices and games, so the man’s not tangling with Los Angeles traffic before having to perform on the court.

Mercedes G-Class

image credit: YouTube

Lovingly referred to as the G-Wagen, the German luxury SUV originally designed for military use has become a sign of financial success. We’re not shocked in the least Schroder owns one, nor that it’s an AMG model with the ridiculously overpowered engine, plus upgraded brakes, suspension, etc. White with black wheels and a black bumper guard, Schroder says he thinks he’ll send the Mercedes SUV to Germany so he has something of his own to drive while visiting.

Lamborghini Urus

image credit: YouTube

Yes, another luxury SUV and yet another German… er, Italian. Let’s just call the LamborghiniUrus a German-Italian performance SUV. It has a nice matte black wrap for a toned-down feel, which is an interesting choice since some buy a Lambo for the flashy looks as well as the wild performance chops. For Schroder, this is the vehicle in his collection, his favorite one he says is “tough.” He says it’s also his wife’s favorite car, something Lamborghini would be pleased to hear since it was made to capture more of the female segment of the market.

Mercedes Sprinter

image credit: YouTube

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, but Schroder seems to have a thing for big vehicles now that he’s a family man. However, this isn’t just some bare-bones passenger van. It’s been pimped out on the inside with 9 cushy leather seats, all kinds of cool lighting, onboard entertainment systems, 3 televisions, a PlayStation 4, etc. Sprinters have become favorites among many celebrities wanting to travel in opulent comfort while also being incognito so as to not attract too much attention.

Lamborghini Aventador

Schroder used to have a Lamborghini Aventador, but he sold it back when he was playing for Oklahoma City. He said it was pointless to own since he just drove it from his house to practices and back. His plan is to perhaps buy another Aventador once he’s done playing basketball, since he’ll have more time to really drive and appreciate the supercar.

The video tour of Schroder’s car collection starts off kind of weird with the man sitting there drinking his morning coffee and talking about team training while his wife scrambles around to take care of their baby. Plus, it’s all in German, so get ready to read. Then it gets past that slow start and launches into the whole reason we’re watching: the cars.

Check it out.

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