Guy Uses Lamborghini Aventador To Light Campfire

Apr 4, 2024 2 min read
Guy Uses Lamborghini Aventador To Light Campfire

Well, that’s one way to get it going…

There’s no doubt the Lamborghini Aventador is one hot supercar. Not only does the thing look about as aggressive as great white shark riding a Harley, it backs that up with some serious performance chops. Still, it’s impressive to see just how much heat one of these can throw out through the exhaust pipes with a few engine revs, something you get to see in a potent way in the video included with this article.

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image credit: Rumble

The owner of the car, simply known as Ghostrider, has the car idling on a driveway of pavers, with plenty of flammable grass and trees far enough away. At first he tries having someone hold marshmallows up to the exhaust to light those on fire, but the force of the exhaust gases is so strong they blow off the skewer. Talk about no replacement for displacement.

Next up is a classic campfire teepee setup in an aluminum disposable pan. The Lambo just blows that away like the big bad wolf it is, showing just how much air current explodes out of those pipes. Incredible.

image credit: Rumble

Finally, they go for laying the wood down in the pan, hoping it won’t all just get blown across the pavers. This works, as the pan moves only a little before the wood ignites, thus proving that in a pinch you can always use your Lamborghini Aventador to start a campfire, if you don’t have a lighter, matches, or flint and steel.

Apparently, Ghostrider is an anonymous philanthropist, so when you see his face in his videos he’s always wearing a mask. For whatever reason he doesn’t want to be known. The guy obviously has some cash and if he’s using his wealth to help out others without being compelled, we think that’s great. Whoever he is, we appreciate his showing us what the exhaust of a revving Lamborghini Aventador can do, because these are burning questions most of us can’t just find out the answers to by ourselves.

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