Square Body Collection Is A Gold Mine

Jul 8, 2022 2 min read
Square Body Collection Is A Gold Mine

These old trucks are a welcome sight to any  enthusiast with an eye for Square Body pickups.

Somewhere in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania sits a significant gold mine collection of vintage pickup trucks whose sheer name is enough to conjure up a smile for most automotive enthusiasts. Collections like this one is an excellent example of some of the nation's most astonishing utility vehicles, which resonate with even the most obscure truck lovers. After a 210-mile road trip, Dennis Collins, a dedicated car guy, took it upon himself to explore a gathering of vehicles that most would have thought to be rotting away in some old wreck yard. In total, 10 vehicles were found, seven Square Body pickups, one an NBS truck, and finally, two old-school muscle cars. So what exactly did Dennis and his crew find at this old site?

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First of all, the oldest truck in the bunch is a 1971 Cheyenne which sports a 350 cubic inch V8 engine and some other nifty features you might not expect on such an old truck. Some of these unexpected options include power steering and brakes, making driving far more accessible than its mechanical counterparts. Right next to that utilitarian special is a convertible Chevrolet Chevelle from 1968, which is apparently an infrequent option. One thing distinguishing this Chevelle as a California car is the smog setup, which instantly caught Dennis's eye. Most of these vehicles spent most of their lives sitting, which is prevalent with one Silverado, which had been sitting since 1993 or 1994.

A black classic GMC Sierra, which sports four-wheel drive and manual transmission, greets you at the back of the building. This 1985 GMC is an excellent example of one of the best trucks available in its day, which is why they are so coveted today. While these are all pretty cool vehicles, the most desirable of the bunch is a 1991 GMC Jimmy, one of its last models. That Jimmy also sports about 110 miles on the odometer, adding to its value as a collector car. With a few rare and exciting pickup trucks surrounding the building, the team also found a convertible impala from 1963, completing the collection and sealing it as one of the most extraordinary classic truck collections in use today.

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