Here Are 12 Of The World's Rarest Barn Finds

Oct 19, 2021 4 min read
Here Are 12 Of The World's Rarest Barn Finds

Here are some of the rarest cars ever found in the extensive world of barn finds.

Vintage antiques are some of the world's most valuable assets as they tell a story from a time that not many can remember. From stone carvings found in caves to the documentation of some of the world's most famous court cases, these relics give people insight into the beautiful world we live in and how it came to be. So how does this fit into the car community?

Classic cars are iconic both in and out of the car enthusiast community. There's a classic car for everybody. If you like smooth-rolling fenders, there are the tri-five group, or if you prefer a straight body early '60s Chevy, there are plenty of those out there. Because of this transcendent interest in vintage automobiles, people worldwide get to learn about these cars and enjoy doing so. Here are some of the rarest classic cars ever found which accomplish this goal exceptionally well.

Jaguar XK120

This aluminum alloy Jaguar XK120 was purchased on the owner's 19th birthday as a fun restoration project. The now 79-year-old eventually sold the car as it seemed like this was one project that would never see completion. Having been built on January 11, 1950, this car has been given a Jaguar Heritage certification and now awaits restoration.

1968 Chevy Corvette

This drag racing legend has spent the last 20 years rusting away in a barn in Highwood, Illinois. Finally, it was saved from its seemingly eternal fate in August 2019 after being purchased for only $6,000, with the Chevy big-block 454 V8 still in excellent condition.


This iconic car struck a chord in the hearts and minds of young enthusiasts everywhere as soon as the Back To The Future series was released. Of course, being on this list, this car has been sitting in the barn since 1986. Unlike many vehicles in the same situation, this car is in complete working condition, and the interior is completely free of dust, rust, and dirt as the door handle was broken. This is particularly cool and as there are only an estimated 5000 of these cars left in existence.

Terrorizing Ferrari F40

This infamous car was once owned by the son of Saddam Hussain, Uday Hussien. However, it was lost in the aftermath of his death in 2003. After its disappearance, the car was taken to Turkey and was later acquired by several gang members. Now on the black market, this famous Ferrari boasts a price tag of $1,000,000.

Custom 1941 Packard 90

At some point, this scarce car was transformed from one of America's most excellent luxury cruisers into an open-top, elongated bus. This 12 seater bus also has a roll-out canvas top and a 356 ci Flathead V8 under the hood, which is more than enough to take this 20' long bus on a hilarious joy ride.

Citroen DS19

After being involved in a minor crash, the owner of this ultra-rare all original vehicle parked the car in his garage and planned to fix up his beloved automobile. Eventually, he realized that he would never complete the repairs, and the vehicle was now ready to exchange hands once more. On top of being a difficult find in its original form, the car also boasts a hydraulic transmission optioned out to just 40 vehicles making it extremely rare and valuable.

1969 Dodge Daytona

Forty-five years of storage has turned this once prominent beast into a relic of its time due to the owner's inability to drive the car. Originally the car was purchased in 1974, but no one knows for sure where the vehicle was from 1969-1974, even though the odometer read 37,000 miles at the time.

1961 Porsche 356B Super 1600T5

This all-original rust bucket is owned by a prominent figure in the car community, And from "So Cal Imports." After having picked up this car, he quickly discovered the twin Zenith Carburetors. Classic Porsches are extremely hard to find on the used car market, and the owner is trying to decide whether to keep this utterly original car aged patina or repaint it in a shiny new coat.

Jullian MM5 2VC

It was designed by Maurice A. Jullian, the same man who played a significant role in creating the Citroen Traction Avant. This car has been kept in a collection for decades and recently went to auction, selling for $15,000.

1980 Ford Fairmont EV

This muddy ride has spent much of its life rotting away in the previous owner's back yard and was listed for sale at a whopping $1,000,000 with a fee of $500 to see it in person. This insane price was thought of as a joke at first until people realized that he was serious as he was confident that the car would be a museum piece one day—eventually, the car sold for a price of $50,000.


These are just five cars made branding this name, but it still stands out amongst the five as having the most significant engine. Under the hood is a glorious 390 ci V8 which pushed out very respectable horsepower figures for the time and made this car a track beast. Unfortunately, the vehicle hasn't seen much of the road in its life, but the new owner plans to change that quite soon.

Sanford Type-S Cycle Car

Sporting a motorcycle motor under the hood, small steel, and aluminum body, and an unfinished build, this car was heralded as a cheaper version of the more expensive full-sized vehicles of the time. However, the first time one of the owners registered this car was in August 1951 and then again in 1967. The car was then purchased for $70,000 in 2015, with almost no history on the vehicle before 1951.

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