Stolen 1979 Corvette Shocks New Zealand

Mar 27, 2021 1 min read
Stolen 1979 Corvette Shocks New Zealand

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A 1979 Chevrolet Corvette was stolen from a locked garage in Kaiti, New Zealand recently and many Kiwis are upset about it. That might seem curious or even humorous to Americans since a ’79 Corvette isn’t that beloved in this country, but in New Zealand there are only 3 of them, so each one is considered special. This particular one is painted black and silver and wears some nice side pipes.

Learn the sad truth about vandals who bashed a car collection in New Zealand here.

The C3 Corvette had been owned by the same man, Steve Woolston, for almost 20 years. He posted about the theft on Facebook and included his number, receiving an outpouring of support from all over New Zealand. That post has also been shared 3,700 times, so people are spreading word far and wide.

Instead of keeping it at his house, Woolston was storing it at another property while wrenching on it to get the ‘Vette ready to drive on the road again. The property owners were away on vacation. At the time it was stolen, the car wasn’t running, so the thieves had to use a trailer to take it and they apparently came prepared. Considering how the details line up, it sounds like someone knew the entire situation and saw the perfect opportunity to strike.

Whomever did this job wasn’t some amateur. The property was under surveillance by multiple cameras, but the box which stored all the footage was stolen, so there’s nothing left. This is why cloud storage can be a good thing.

We’ve seen car thieves employing all kinds of sophisticated, even tech-advanced methods to separate owners from their property. This includes posting wildlife cameras around your property and targeting surveillance cameras. With car theft on the rise and showing no signs of slowing, the best thing you can do is employ numerous methods to secure your ride, hoping the thieves conclude it’s too much effort.

Source: The Gisborne Herald

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