TechForce Foundation Working To Further The Career Of Fellow Auto Enthusiasts

Mar 27, 2021 2 min read
TechForce Foundation Working To Further The Career Of Fellow Auto Enthusiasts

TechForce is launching a new free platform for automotive professionals.

TechForce is a national non-profit foundation that works in support of transportation technicians, helping people find jobs in the automotive field. They also offer many scholarships, an estimated $1.5 million annually. Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of automotive technicians since 2005, however, TechForce aims to change that with their new program that is designed to help further the careers of its users.

The goal is to help people who are interested in the field get into school so that they can follow their passion and help the industry thrive. The program has been regarded as a life-changing system, making it easier for you to get in touch with others who share your passion as well as companies looking to hire. This is all accomplished in a very fun, simple, and easy to digest way and allows you to find your path and follow it to success.

Basically, the idea is this, the market is an ever-changing rollercoaster of innovations and constant nuance. To some, that can be a very scary ordeal, however, TechForce makes the process easy and even fun! This is accomplished through their system which combines the interactive connection of social media with the competition and prizes of a game! Their multifaceted website has become the fan favorite of instructors, enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike while also retaining its initial mission to help move forward the careers of the aspiring technicians who sign up. The program has been recognized as an extremely necessary part of the automotive industry and is even backed by some of the global vehicular titans such as New Ford Tech, GM, WD-40, and many more!

If you’re looking for a career in the automotive industry or if you're just someone who finds happiness under the hood of your favorite car, it seems that this program is for you. Combining social media, charity, automotive tech, job searching, and competition, the TechForce Foundation has soared in its potential for creating new jobs. If this seems like something for you, please visit their site at for more information.

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