The top-shelf car builders have created some of the most impressive modified machines in the world!

Here at Motorious, we are a little obsessed with restomod builds. As much as we appreciate the value and historical importance of concours correct builds, the magic of modern technology converging with classic style is pure artwork. The Ringbrothers are builders who have taken that art form to a higher level than ever before, and to celebrate that, here are (some of) our favorite Ringbrothers builds.

Elegant Cougar Brought To Life By The Ringbrothers

With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 SEMA show, many automotive modification connoisseurs decided to throw in their hats and focus on other builds rather than an expensive show car that wouldn't even help to flow business their way. This wasn't the case for the Ringbrothers however because the boys just put out another one of their beautiful and it is stunning.

This is a Mercury Cougar, but don't let looks fool you because this is not what you would expect from a car that is almost 53 years old now. The cougar was built upon the same platform as the Mustang at the time and was made to be Mercury’s luxury performance model. To keep with the original idea, the Ringbrothers decided to slap a 5.0L Coyote V8 which transfers a tame but powerful 450 horsepower through a 10-speed automatic transmission which was pulled out of a Ford F-150 Raptor. Handling is made possible by the DSE suspension, HRE wheels, and upgraded brakes that help the car stop on a dime.

Ringbrothers Dresses Up Its 1948 Cadillac Madam V

As you can plainly see from the official Ringbrothers photos, the body of Madam V has been changed from what we saw 5 years ago. Instead of black trim, the Cadillac wears gleaming chrome. The modern mesh grille has been replaced by a classic one, same as the newer Cadillac insignia on the hood being swapped for the old version. Also gone is the heat extractor in the hood along with the section painted black. The split-spoke wheels were also ditched in favor of more period-correct examples, which have whitewall tires wrapped around them.

While Madam V certainly looks more like a classic Caddie from the outside, the chassis, drivetrain, and interior are decidedly modern. They were donated by a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. While the new front end, especially the grille and headlights are obvious changes, Ringbrothers says it also put on new front wheel arches.

The modern Cadillac twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 under the hood produces about 464-horsepower, a tremendous bump over what it featured back in the day. Most of the exhaust system comes from the ATS-V, but some changes had to be made for fitment purposes. There are custom stainless steel Flowmaster tailpipes fitted for an aggressive exhaust note, although we doubt it sounds as mean as a V8.

1967 Mustang Restomod 'Copperback' Build

Before the Ringbrothers got their hands on the car and gave it the ultimate restomod treatment, it started life as an original '67 Ford Mustang fastback. The stunning shade of Copper Burnt Orange Metallic is sprayed over carbon fiber body panels. Over 70 billet aluminum machined parts can be found on the build, and a set of 19-inch iForged alloy wheels sit on all four corners. Even more, the exterior features a Gemini Technology Systems carbon fiber composite hood and trunk where 400 hours worth of labor were spent alone. We can only imagine how much time was spent on this entire '67 Mustang build. The door handles were "shaved" to give the body a smoother appearance, and the entire lower valence has been modified.

Under the hood of this custom pony is a powerful Roush Performance 427-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) V8 engine that generates 560-horsepower. A Tremec 5-speed manual transmission sends power down to the rear wheels by twisting a Ford Currie 9-inch POSI rear end. Although packed full of power, the ride stays smooth thanks to a Chris Alston Chassisworks Total Control front end and Ridetech adjustable coil-over shocks all the way around.

Behind the doors is an immaculate interior complete with custom black and brown upholstery. Recaro bucket seats were bolted down on the inside with Schroth 4-point seat belts for safety. The interior was given the treatment about four years ago when the Ringbrothers customized the car for the second time.

Ringbrothers Shoots For The Moon With A 1969 Chevy Camaro Named Valkyrja

When Ringbrothers calls a project car their “most ambitious to date,” it’s time to sit up and take notice. Actually, any Ringbrothers build is reason to take notice, but this customized 1969 Chevrolet Camaro called Valkyrja is especially interesting.

Providing a stout 890-horsepower is a 416ci Wegner Motorsports LS3 with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger bolted up. Channeling all that to the John’s Industries 9-inch rear axle is a Bowler six-speed Tremec which has been customized to handle the potent output. Of course, with that kind of extreme force the suspension and chassis had to be upgraded, with Detroit Speed Engineering addressing both.

As if that isn’t intimidating enough, this build pushes things even further. A custom BASF paint mix named TOTOPKG Green gives this car a unique look. Many of the body and interior components are made of carbon fiber, like the hood, roof, side mirrors, grille surround, front splitter, and rear valance. Custom HRE wheels help bring the whole exterior together.

Making a simple yet impactful statement under the hood of this Chevrolet are red valve and supercharger covers next to black components. An aggressive snarl comes from the Flowmaster Stainless Steel Super 44 Series exhaust, with both tailpipes protruding from the rear fascia.

Ringbrothers Defector 2.0 Uses Hellephant Power

At the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, when we used to have such things, Ringbrothers showed up with a murdered-out, heavily-modified 1969 Dodge Charger named “Defector.” People were really excited about the muscle car since it took a beloved model and improved on it while preserving much of the factory aesthetics, even if pretty much everything was black. Fast forward three years and we’ve learned Ringbrothers have been playing with this muscle machine once more, this time dropping in a Hellephant engine for a dramatic power increase.

The Defector 2.0 was revealed on Ringbrothers’ Instagram page recently in most glorious fashion. We get to see the muscle car ripping a big burnout, the supercharger whining furiously. There’s no hood on the car in the video, so it’s not obvious if a new one is being fabricated or the existing hood is just being modified for the Hellephant.

Ringbrothers K5 Blazer Purchased By Future

Understandably, many enthusiasts absolutely love Ringbrothers. The Wisconsin shop has become famous for its muscle car builds, but it also does vintage off-roaders. An excellent example of that is this beautiful 1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer which was commissioned by hip-hop musician Future. The man is obviously a fellow gearhead and has impeccable automotive tastes.

This Blazer looks absolutely amazing. Custom BASF British Racing Green paint flaunts the straight body panels. Instead of dramatically overhauling the exterior appearance, most of the factory trim has been merely refreshed for an easy-to-recognize appearance. However, LED headlights are an obvious addition to the front fascia. Accenting the exterior are 18-inch gold HRE wheels, which add a subtle amount of bling.

Not only is this K5 Blazer a real looker, it’s packing some serious heat under the hood. Ringbrothers swapped in a 6.2-liter LS3 V8. While it’s not tuned for monstrous power, it is still pushing 430-horsepower, which is plenty to get the SUV moving and rolling through any kind of terrain.

Backing the engine up is a 4L80-E transmission. A Flowmaster exhaust adds just the right tone for this restomod truck.

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