DeLorean Flies Again with Corvette-Based V8 and Iconic Gullwing Doors

Oct 19, 2023 2 min read
DeLorean Flies Again with Corvette-Based V8 and Iconic Gullwing Doors

This is an interesting build.

In an unexpected twist on automotive heritage, a new DeLorean is on the horizon. And it's got a Corvette heart beating beneath its gullwing doors.

Kathyrn DeLorean, CEO of DeLorean Next Gen Motors and daughter of the legendary John DeLorean, recently shared some electrifying news with Hagerty. The company plans to unveil a C8 Corvette-based car, stripping away the Chevrolet exterior to drape it in a bespoke DeLorean skin, replete with those unmistakable gullwing doors.

Kathryn expressed the weight of the DeLorean legacy, stating, “I needed to give the DeLorean community something they've been longing for. They'd never forgive me otherwise."

The revelations don't stop there. The new Corvette-based car is just the appetizer. The main course? A hand-crafted ‘Model JZD’ - an electric vehicle with only 42 units planned for production. This limited-edition model will also sport the signature gullwing doors. However, fans should brace themselves, as it’s bound to have a much heftier price tag than its Corvette sibling.

The arrival date for these reborn legends remains veiled in mystery. If only we had a DeLorean with time-travel capabilities to sneak a peek!

Intriguingly, another DeLorean-themed company, unaffiliated with DeLorean Next Gen Motors, is in the mix. Spearheaded by former Karma Automotive executive, Joost de Vries, it's developing its own revival called the Alpha5. The plot thickens with a direct call-out from Kathryn DeLorean on Instagram, asserting her father's original legacy and its separation from de Vries' venture.

Adding yet another layer to this automotive drama, Classic DMC enters the narrative. Founded by Stephen Wynne, a Liverpool mechanic, the company once specialized in creating spare parts for the original DeLorean lineup. While Classic DMC hasn’t unveiled any modern take on the DeLorean, there's a buzz that Wynne has a stake in the company crafting the Alpha5.

As the DeLorean tale continues to unfold, enthusiasts everywhere wait with bated breath to witness the rebirth of a legend. Stay tuned as the future of this iconic car revs back into the limelight.

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