7-Eleven Customized A Ford Mustang

Oct 19, 2023 3 min read
7-Eleven Customized A Ford Mustang

And they’re giving this thing away, if anyone wants it…

Some people feel extremely passionate about which gas station they use for all their caffeine and MSG consumption needs, which presumably is why 7-Eleven is upping the ante by giving away a customized Ford Mustang. Called Model 711 (get it?) this thing makes me want to vomit, and not because it’s a Mustang. Some people might just love it to death, but to me it represents everything wrong with gas station culture, which I’ve been told is going to be obliterated once electric cars sweep the landscape clean. After seeing this abomination, I wish that were true.

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Immediately, the most striking thing about this Mustang is the striping which is just like what you find on your local 7-Eleven. A lot of people will be impressed by that just before they ask you to put $20 on Pump 5 and ask where the churros are.

You’ll also note the pony grille badge has been replaced by a night owl because reasons. Around back by the fuel filler is the declaration “Build For Speed & Snacks” as well as “Need For Slurpee.” On the other side is “Another One Bits The Crust.” Everyone wants a Mustang with dad jokes slapped all over it. But wait, the interior has plenty more cringe kitsch.

Not only can you fit your Big Gulp in the cupholder, which you can do in any Mustang, this build comes with a pizza slice holder which slides into the other cupholder. That means you can easily consume both corn syrup and grease while cruising around town.

There’s also a shifter knob made to look like a Slurpee, which we’re sure just fits right into the palm of your hand with the straw sticking up. The seat inserts repeat the same color scheme as the famous stripes on the 7-Eleven storefronts. Finally, there’s an air “freshener” that smells like the burned coffee you’re always greeted with at the convenience stores. The only thing the car is missing is sticky floors.

This customization work was done by Galpin Auto Sports, the shop which became really famous thanks to that show Pimp My Ride. Yeah, bet you’re really surprised at that shocking revelation.

If you want a shot at winning this very… interesting customized Ford Mustang you just have to buy participating products at your local 7-Eleven or tag a friend on the Instagram posts for the contest. Just imagine how impressed all your friends at the high school will be when you win this thing.

The other prizes in this giveaway are telling, like a one-hour virtual gaming session with a G2 Esports Rocket League pro player and junk food-themed Xbox controllers. We’d rather get a set of tools or a shop stool, but that’s just us.

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